Thread Collection: Ownership Over The Fandom Object (12/11/2022)

Mikki Kendal (@Karnythia on Twitter and most other places) did a thread about Netflix’s Meghan Markle x Prince Harry documentary and one tweet really stood out to me because it was her asking how the royal fans missed what he has been saying about his feelings about his position. So of course, mini thread time.

I’m locked and Mikki doesn’t follow me here so she can’t see it but I think @royal_suitor probably has a good explanation for this focused on the royalty fandom specifically but also fandoms around celebrities and/or that are actively against Black women do the wildest leaps to justify their belief systems?

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[Thread Collection] Goalpost Shifting With Sarah/Bucky

Original thread here from May 2021. Collection edited for clarity.

Some long thoughts on misogynoir in fandom:

A) this person won’t admit it but [the reason] they feel like they need to loudly criticize this ship (with the claim that “they should’ve met earlier” knowing full well they don’t mean it) is because of the admission that the flirtation is canon

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[Thread Collection] VERY Brief Thoughts On Jesy Nelson and Blackfishing

From my main, private twitter earlier today. I wanted it here too.

I am not going to waste too much energy on Jesy Nelson but I will point out that as hard as she’s blackfishing and trying to present herself as Extremely Biracial Black Woman, she’s also actively weaponizing white women tears and activating white/queer fandom (via stan twt)

Especially against Leigh-Anne, an actual Black woman. And because she’s got Nicki in her corner defending her blackfishing (hypocritical after the Miley Cyrus stuff), this means that her non-Black fans will feel extra empowered to be actively antiblack towards LA & her Black fans

She wants to be Black (visually) but also clings to her white womanhood, the thing that lets her get sympathy and causes people to defend her violently, something that actually no one does FOR Black women but is often aimed at them in different fandoms.

I’m fucking tired.

[Thread Collection] What Racist Fandom Discourse Accounts Are Doing (3/15/2021)

Originally posted here.

Guess what racist fandom discourse accounts (and of course, their tokens of color) do to conversations about racism in fandom~

(literally it’s the same thing. they even use the same language – like woke as a pejorative, panic about censorship, Black people as villains – wow)

I know folks won’t “get” it but there are several points from 2017 to now where people across “transformative” fandom have tilted the needle HARD towards alt right ideology and language in the name of defending fandom specifically from BIPOC and folks just write it off as drama

But it’s not drama.

It’s racists manipulating marginalized white people’s fear of being harmed/silenced for their marginalization (which HAS happened) in order to turn them against BIPOC in fandom who are anti-racism to the point of inspiring long-term harassment campaigns.

[Thread Collection & Expansion] Weaponized Specificity and DARVO (8/14/2021)

You can find the original thread here but I’ve expanded and edited my own thoughts to cover more of what’s happening with DARVO because it’s something I’m super interested in talking about because it’s happening constantly and people just… don’t see it or care.

Thinking about Elle’s thread on weaponized specificity and transmisogyny as well as May‘s thread riffing off of it. I don’t want to derail so here are thoughts on how I deal with weaponized specificity here.

It’s a goalpost moving form of derailing, obviously.

It’s something that excuses what people then do to you.

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[Thread Collection] Revisionist Fandom History 2021

Still locked on main because being random racists’ hyperfocus remains distressing as hell, but if you’re already who already follows that Twitter account here’s the link to the thread. I also suggest reading these pieces on revisionist fandom history and the insistence that we as a unit be grateful to our beige fandom foremothers for… something.

Revisionist fandom history is so annoying because:

– it’s always people in their 20s and/or who’ve been in fandom for like nowhere near as long as EYE have lecturing people about how shitty the youth these days are (like being awful in fandom is new or exclusive to The Youth)

– it’s always very white fandom history UNLESS it’s someone tagging in like Japanese creators and/or appropriating the term fujoshi for their own ends (my feeling on the term is simply that if you’re not Japanese, you probably can’t ACTUALLY reclaim it. The end.)

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[Thread Collection] Sinking the Ship of Theseus in Fandom Harassment Disguised As Discourse (3/15/2021)

Originally posted here and retweets would be appreciated especially if your friends in fandom are falling for the disinformation focused harassment campaigns I’m talking about here.

This video absolutely speaks to my ongoing harassment from supposedly “progressive” fandom spaces (for writing about racism).

Like how this tactic of substitution & disinformation is used to cut people off from their communities + turn people against them. 

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Thread Collection: On Racefakers (3/14/2021)

Still locked because people refuse to respect my boundaries, but if you have access to my main account the original thread is here. Lightly edited for clarity and to organize the points better.

Related to some publishing shit: the reason racefakers like the ones pretending to be super biracial/light skinned Black women or non-Black Latinx are able to succeed in publishing/education/fandom is because they benefit from playing off of anxieties about rejecting people based on their looks

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[Thread Collection] Your Priorities … Seem Seuss Skewed

Still locked on main thanks to people who believe boundaries and fandom are a thing they get, but not me, but if you’re following me, you can see the original thread here.

if your talking point for why the biggest fic archive ever can’t (or ~shouldn’t~) do anything about dehumanizing racist fanworks or the racists posting them on the site sounds IDENTICAL to the weirdos screeching about Dr. Seuss’s most racist works being removed from HIS archives you have a deep RACIST problem and you should work on it

the first amendment protects freedom of speech, true. but if you’re using that to be adamant in protecting overtly racist fanworks along the lines of racists moaning about racist “children’s” books from decades ago…

holy fuck are your priorities scary (seriously, using the 1st amendment in fandom discourse is weird no matter what, but it becomes a PROBLEM if you’re using it to defend racists and NOT people of color who talk about racism here) and i hope you step on something very sharp!


(also the 1st amendment protects freedom of speech from THE GOVERNMENT/CONGRESS making laws, not a TOS: referencing it to wield it against BIPOC in fandom talking about the racism here/in fanworks – who have no power in or out of fandom – is super fucking racist & needs to stop)

Thread Collection: Third Wheeling (11/11/2019)

Tweet from 11/11/2019

One thing I genuinely hate because of fandom is “[Black Character who is obviously under developed] hooks up two of their clueless white friends and gets them to realize their love”

Because the Black characters are never written out beyond how they can help the white folks. Eve gets Bond/Q together. Sam gets Steve/Bucky together. Rhodey gets Steve/Tony together. Finn gets Rey/Kylo together.

The second I see a story where a Black character is turned into a sassy romance guide for a white ship, I just… get so pissed? Because THAT reduces them/us.

Fandom: We love [Black Character] so much! He’s a fandom favorite!

Also fandom: *really only creates content for [Black Character] that views them shallowly, relies on racial and sexual stereotypes, literally reduces them, and/or uses them to get a white ship together.*

Me: 🤔

Thread Collection: When Talking Heads Need to STFU (6/5/2020)

This was originally posted on June 5, 2020 and in that version I did use he/him pronouns for Juwon Park by mistake and have corrected my pronoun usage here.

Look at this antiblack ass

Also, this is a thing these Korean bloggers (her and TK Park aren’t the only ones) do repeatedly when people are talking about antiblackness: they bring up violence against migrants and women in Korea. But only ever to dismiss antiblackness.

Never organically.

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Thread Collection: Escapism Would Be Great (1/18/2019)

Originally posted as a thread on Twitter January 18, 2019.

I saw a tweet that I’m… not gonna touch but:

Escapism in fic and fandom is great, but as a Black person, I find it impossible to escape into fandoms and fanworks that treat Black people (fictional and real) as burdens to be left on the side of the road and complained about.

I’d love for fandom to be a space where I can leave isms behind and just focus on the squee but as a Black person?


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