Thread Collection: When Talking Heads Need to STFU (6/5/2020)

This was originally posted on June 5, 2020 and in that version I did use he/him pronouns for Juwon Park by mistake and have corrected my pronoun usage here.

Look at this antiblack ass

Also, this is a thing these Korean bloggers (her and TK Park aren’t the only ones) do repeatedly when people are talking about antiblackness: they bring up violence against migrants and women in Korea. But only ever to dismiss antiblackness.

Never organically.

Never because they actually care about what happens to migrants in Korea or to women in Korea. It’s all a reminder that to people like this chick and TK and their fans, Black lives shouldn’t matter because we’re not important in the long run (to them).

And fuck them for it. “Of course black lives matter, but you know what matters more…” is literally what some of y’all’s totally unbiased Korean American talking heads and minor celebrities do on the actual regular and it is ridiculous because they refuse to use their platforms to raise awareness of the very things they’re pretending to be mad that Korean celebrities aren’t talking about right now.

Where has this outrage been at any other point in the last 2 years?

Because there have been scandals and political issues idols have been silent on from Korea

But also, whenever international fans try to get involved with Korean politics or other issues

A) we fuck up because the majority of us don’t know enough to be useful

B) we’re literally told (by this chick and by TK) to gtfo even when just boosting Korean voices


If I hadn’t immediately blocked that ass in the first tweet, I’d ask her where the fuck are HER hashtags since she wants us to share them widely, because BLM as a hashtag came about from Black women who saw a lack.

Since she sees a lack in international coverage of Korean issues, she should feel free to make a good but simple hashtag with international appeal and boost it with helpful links to petitions about the issue since she cares so much for South East Asian migrants apparently

Oh wait, she does not and is just using the horrible things that happen to them in Korea to be like “and that’s why you shouldn’t think that Black Lives Matter!”

Here’s another one…

It’s interesting that y’all never have this shit to say when white fans actively (and racistly) try to colonize the industry for themselves but only when Black people have opinions on cultural appropriation or want idols to show that they care about us too.

[Will find these tweet screenshots to replace them]

Solidarity will save us from whyte supremacy, but not with people like these publicly and purposefully acting as if wanting people who benefit from Blackness (Black fan/producer/songwriter labor on top of their endless appropriation) to speak up is colonizing them.

And the simple statement, that Black Lives Matter, is different from speaking out against a government or speaking up in support of something a government doesn’t approve of and that can tank their careers.

And these people doing this whataboutism know that.

They’re clever. To compare BLM with the Hong Kong protests (knowing that any artist that spoke in favor of the protests there could kiss their career goodbye for a whole massive market) shows that this all boils down to these folks being mad that anyone is even PRETENDING to care about Black people.

Because these are Korean people who literally know that these idols will be torn to shreds for expressing themselves about Korean politics in public – because it HAS happened – acting like selfish (Black) Americans ONLY want people to care about us

The same Black fans I saw boosting Black Lives Matter petitions and information have ALSO been sharing information and petitions about the terror bill.

They’ve shared news about that attack on the young woman in Korea. They’ve always shared information about other places’ crises.

Like y’all want black people to wring ourselves dry for everyone else but never speak up for ourselves and express an opinion.

What the entire antiblack fuck?

That Stephanie Choi person… if you go read her thread there’s a couple of points that makes it clear that she thinks that people worldwide are talking about AMERICAN lives only when they say BLM and I think many of these whataboutismists are viewing Blackness as something that doesn’t actually exist in their communities.

They think that the reason people in Japan and Berlin were protesting was solely bcuz of George Floyd.

But Black people… are everywhere. And everywhere we are mistreated for existing.

That’s why BLM is global.

Not US imperialism.