“I write about racism in fandom to cope with my trauma”/”this is my emotional support anti racism”

I speak for myself, but I’m backed up by two decades of life in online fandom and over a decade of watching fans defend and promote racism in queer/feminist fandom spaces. If you use can my words to help explain what you’re going through in fandom as a fan of color, I love that for you. I’m here for you. You aren’t alone and I will do my best to support you in these trying, super racist times.

Note that I am not here to have conversations with racists or the POC TOO they nurture. You do not have a right to my space and you know that. If I don’t speak for you as a POC, you don’t speak for me… especially if you’re defending racism or racists in fandom. Then you’re just a piece of shit. And you know that too. Don’t ever expect access to my space without a prior sincere apology for starting/spreading shit.

For questions, concerns, and opportunities please reach out through my contact form.

If you’re a hater or a whiner super attached to racism in fandom or media? Here’s what you do: write out whatever you want to say to me, print it out on a piece of paper, and then eat that piece of paper. You can soak it in milk if you need to first.