[Thread Collection] Goalpost Shifting With Sarah/Bucky

Original thread here from May 2021. Collection edited for clarity.

Some long thoughts on misogynoir in fandom:

A) this person won’t admit it but [the reason] they feel like they need to loudly criticize this ship (with the claim that “they should’ve met earlier” knowing full well they don’t mean it) is because of the admission that the flirtation is canon

B) this is a white queer/woman fandom thing: whenever a Black character is at risk of being loved or Black fans have a ship that could center them, white fans who don’t believe criticism belong in fandom suddenly dust off their thinking caps to explain why the pairing is BAD

B.2) No, I’m so serious this is like how all of the “don’t like, don’t read”, “criticism of issues in fandom is anti fandom” crowd conveniently digs into Black female characters and performers at every chance they get. It’s… misogynoir as a fannish threat response.

C) Please think about what a self proclaimed zemofucker probably ships and how little ship-tease interaction has to fuel any of that. only pairings with Black characters need explanations to be valid to white fans. A checklist suddenly springs into being for those ships only.

C.2) MCU fandom is notable for ships not even remotely supported by the text (like we’re talking zero ship tease and interaction). Ships like Clint/Coulson & Zemo/pretty much everyone (esp BEFORE FATWS) aren’t fueled by chemistry, they’re fueled by a love of white dudeness

Which of course is helped along by a refusal to engage fairly with Black women characters and fans… Like this is the third spike (first was Sam acknowledging Bucky’s interest, the second was the final episode, now it’s because the writers did the first 2 things purposefully.)

And Bucky-Zemo-Assorted White Hero stans don’t get that we (Black people in fandom) always see when they do this because it’s a pattern they’ve been using for at least [13] years (Merlin days,I think). They’re not slick or subtle with this misogynoir.

This isn’t new. This just isn’t being addressed because fandom is faking being post racial like literally people are out here like “how can I be antiblack in fandom? I’m a queer feminist with anxiety and adhd” as they dig deep to validate being really weird about Black people.

Anyway, I guess I’m going to have to semi spite ship Sarah and Bucky. Here’s hoping Captain America 4 will give us Bucky as a sweet stay at home stepdad to Sarah’s cute kids and do all sorts of loving emotional labor for her


One thought on “[Thread Collection] Goalpost Shifting With Sarah/Bucky

  1. As a fellow black comic nerd, I have learned to ignore ignore ignore the racist and jealous fanboys/fangirls. I do it for my own mental health and I suggest you protect yours too. It’s pointless analyzing, explaining, and proving to them (not saying you’re doing this) that we are worthy in these fandoms too.
    The bottom line is they are protecting their “WS.” It’s all about superiority to them. They are threatened anytime a black person (particularly a black woman) is praised, important, or the love interest onscreen. It’s really insecurity on their part. Historically, white women have never ever never be an ally to a black woman. White women are different from black women because they practice self-preservation. They will never allow another race of women to replace their image. Whereas, black women are conditioned to be very exclusive, which is why we have been replaced with the Zendaya’s of the world.
    The fandom is more likely to accept a black male hero than a black female hero for two reasons. 1. Black guys are stereotyped as cool and strong. 2. White women do not see black men as competition and they might actually find them attractive. Black women get hate from white males, white women, and even some black guys of other races that identify with white people. So that is why black women are hated the most when it comes to racebending characters.
    I know some of your previous articles mentioned colorism, but to be honest Anna (dark skinned) and Zendaya/Candice and many other light skinned actresses receive the same hate and backlash. These people see black (no matter what shade) as black.
    I think it’s best for my fellow black nerds to avoid reading the comment sections at all cost. It’s just toxic and anti-black!


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