[Thread Collection] Sinking the Ship of Theseus in Fandom Harassment Disguised As Discourse (3/15/2021)

Originally posted here and retweets would be appreciated especially if your friends in fandom are falling for the disinformation focused harassment campaigns I’m talking about here.

This video absolutely speaks to my ongoing harassment from supposedly “progressive” fandom spaces (for writing about racism).

Like how this tactic of substitution & disinformation is used to cut people off from their communities + turn people against them. 

In Feb, people lied about what I supposedly said, took tweets AND the entire article out of context to be about “their” thing, and reframed my work on racism in fandom to be a) harassing BIPOC over ships b) violent and racist in and of itself (stitchmediamix.com/2021/02/11/thr…)

When other people asked for proof of the abuse, toxicity, and harassment I was supposedly wallowing in, they trotted out the same like 4 screenshots of tweets pulled out of context and my use of “PickMe” (reframed as a slur by non-Black people)… or stayed silent.

They literally tried to get me fired for writing about racism in fandom in a way they didn’t like.

While that was unsuccessful: it was an effective way to cut me off from friends, potential audiences, and fandom communities who refused to do their homework and believed the lies.

If you’ve missed what I’ve been put through (not just in February, but for the past 4 years ESCALATING in June 2020) from supposedly progressive shipping spaces in the name of defending fandom… read my post and then check that video out because it literally tracks.

People would say “stitch is a bully” and it’s me calling a racist who’s used slurs “goofy”. Or the “stitch is racist against other POC” shit… for not letting tokens of color play me or for calling them “PickMe POC“. [They] Reframed subtweets as tangible violence.

They substitute the harmless shit I said with Their Shit and no one pauses to do their homework or question why they ALL have the same screenshots & use the same language/claims… They just rush to believe that i am dangerous to them/fandom and cut me down or out.