Fiction Round-Up

Here’s where you’ll be able to find all of my original fiction (and a few pieces of truly exemplary fan fiction) once they’re posted.

Original Fiction

Temptation Valley

Isabella is the new girl in town and a horse thief on top of that. Out of all the things that she’s expecting – Rancher Perez coming after her, being tarred and feathered as a thief, or being run out of town for her… proclivities – it’s what she isn’t expecting that knocks her flat. You see, Alexandra Andrade has been sheriff of Temptation Valley for the past five years and she has a habit of taking in strays. Isabella doesn’t stand a chance in hell of going back to her life on the run.

Notes: This is set in a steampunk-y alt-history version of world where Mexico still owns the territory in the Southwest United States that it used to and everything’s a bit muddled (but in a good way) in terms of technology and language.


The Beginning

Isabella finds herself with a job, a home, and what might be a reason to stop running all in a very short time.


After a hectic first day, Sheriff Andrade invites Isabella for dinner.

San Sirena Supernaturals

Supernatural beings love cities. They just prefer to live in cities that they own. San Sirena is a hub of supernatural activity on the South Eastern coast of the United States. Run by Fallen Tierciel, a bloodthirsty siren queen, and the banished daughter of Winter, the city of San Sirena is home to a wildly diverse cast of characters who are frequently at each others’ throats.

The Insomniac

Malik wishes for sleep. Instead, he receives company and a command from his most confusing housemate.

Comet City Stories

Superheroes and supervillains roam the streets and skies of sunny Comet City. These short stories will look at life in a city where every day runs the risk of a superhero (or villain) smashing through your apartment building or cutting the line in front of you on your way to get a cup of coffee.

Supervillains (No-So) Anonymous

A notorious former supervillain walks into a Supervillains Anonymous meeting. Predictably, things go poorly.

Laundry Day

On her first day of actual, licensed superheroics, young speedster Pix comes to a startling realization about her chances of surviving once she goes head to head with a super-powered criminal that thinks nothing of smacking her down like a fly.

Slightly Skewed Fairytales

These are fairy tales and folk stories remimagined with diverse casts, queer characters, and more werewolves than you can shake a stick at.

The wolf in the woods

In this Red Riding Hood inspired story the wolf is a shifter, Red is an exile from his village, and gluttony is everyone’s downfall. Content warnings are at the link.

A little bit of everything

Lucky Lunchbreak

Dean Song isn’t exactly expecting to meet the woman of his dreams on his lunchbreak– or her cute daughter.

Cigarette Break

For the third time in a week and a half I consider jumping. (Content warning for suicidal ideation/thoughts, depiction of depression)

Accidental Queen of the Spiders

No one ever talks about how many spiders live on the island.


If I close my eyes, I can almost tell myself that there’s nothing strange about a yard full of soft-winged lamplickers beating at my windows.

The Pup

Kabi didn’t mean to adopt a killer whale pup.

Lovecraft Puncher

“Let me get this straight, lady,” Casey says, her dark brown eyebrows quirking upward. “You sunk billions of dollars into researching and building a time machine just so you could go back in time to punch H.P. Lovecraft in the face?”

The Kelpie in the Canal

At first, when Danae sees the horse in the canal, she thinks that she’s dreaming.

To Market, To Market

— To market, to market, to buy a plum bun/ Home again, home again, market is done.

The Bride’s Choice – Original Fiction

Promised to a being that lives in the waters between her village and the rest of the world, a young woman walks to what will surely be her doom.

What’s Eating You

Josie is a witch and a waitress and usually, she’s damn good at being both. On what’s shaping up to be a very bad day for her, someone from Josie’s past walks into the cafe and makes everything that much harder to deal with.

Don’t Know From Nothing

After closing, Naeem’s bodyguard Malachi arrives at the café to deliver plenty of harsh words for Josie along with her clothes for the evening. Later, Josie gets the rug pulled from underneath her feet when Naeem introduces her to someone that truly shouldn’t exist.

Breaking and Entering – Original Fiction

Asra has spent much of his life alone, traveling across Anatea in search of the home he never had. On an unplanned return trip to the capital city’s God Quarter, Asra finds himself taking shelter from the rain in a seemingly abandoned temple. When Asra meets the god whose temple sits gathering dust in a lonely part of the God Quarter, he isn’t expecting much beyond a swift kick in the rear. He certainly isn’t expecting that he might finally find the home he’s always wanted to have.

The Trouble With Trips – Asra and Katan

Asra and Katan share their fears. The trouble with trips is that sometimes, it’s hard to get the person you want with you the most to travel.

The Reanimator Down The Street

Mary Shelley seeks supernatural help after the tragic death of her infant daughter.

Content warnings for infant death and mild descriptions of blood.

Girl, Get Wrecked


A witch and a werewolf meet in a bar.



All pop star Tulip wants is to get her back blown out responsibly in order to relieve some of the stress from working on her third album. Thankfully, Angel, one of the new producers working on the album and the genius behind the beats for the song that’ll be her newest single, seems like she’s up for the challenge. And the talented producer’s studio is soundproofed.



At Naya’s birthday party, Tulip and Angel have a private moment in public.

Fan Fiction

A Thousand Masks (DC Comics)

After eight years abroad, Bruce Wayne comes back into Gotham just in time to celebrate the new year.

Apparently, being Gotham City’s hard-partying prodigal son is hard work, and Bruce seems to have no time for a lowly ADA. Even if said ADA is probably the only real friend that Bruce even has left in this godforsaken city.

Four weeks to the day after his arrival back in Gotham, Bruce waltzes into Harvey’s office on the third floor of the District Attorney’s office as though it hasn’t been a month of Harvey playing phone tag and dealing out assorted excuses. (Mature.)

Late Last Night (Grayson/Bond – crossover)

There are few secrets among spies.

While You Sleep: A Black Panther Drabble Collection

Four times T’challa watched someone sleep and one time that the tables are turned.

Creche Duty: A Star Wars Fan Fiction

Before Before the Awakening, stormtrooper FN-2187 is assigned creche duty. The experience is… illuminating.

Published Work

Judge Anderson: Flytrap

Stand Alone & in Judge Anderson: Year Two

Mega-City One, 2102 AD. Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson’s second year on the streets as a full-Eagle Judge.

Two hundred floors up on Wormwood Block, in one of the poorer corners of Mega-City One, a cit turns on her neighbours, biting and raging. Just another futsie, in a city filled with everyday tragedy.

Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson and her new partner take the call. It should be an open-and-shut case, until she tries to read the poor futsie’s mind and finds… nothing.

Somewhere in Wormwood is a predator, setting a trap for people like Cass. Hell of a way to finish her second year on the streets…


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