Comment Moderation Policies

While I do actually welcome differences of opinion or criticism on this website’s comment section, many of the responses I get – and that get stuck in spam – are not that. Since people are struggling to figure out what constitutes criticism or differences of opinion, here are the clear comment policies for this website.

If you reply to a post or to another commenter does any of the following, your comment will not be making it out of the comment moderation queue.

  1. Personal insults aimed at myself, any other commenter, or the subject of a piece (provided they are a real person) will NOT be allowed. Beyond the fact that I don’t direct personal insults at other people in my pieces and expect similar respect, aggressive and abusive posts are not allowed in the comments.
  2. Profanity or threatening/violent language aimed at myself, any other commenter, or the subject of a piece (again, provided that they are a real person) will NOT be allowed.
  3. Thread-jacking. If you comment on a post to talk about something entirely unrelated – especially in the event that a newer post has closed comments and you think you’re going to get to comment on a different post about the one that’s closed – your comment will be treated as spam and deleted.
  4. Dismissive responses. If you don’t understand how something is racist or can’t understand a piece, say so. But dismissing the entire content of a post or the very existence of racism in media or fandom, will get your comment yeeted.
  5. Flaming, baiting, and trolling will not be allowed. Period.

Note: These rules are subject to change without warning and according to the way that I feel depending on the response to them and the ways people decide to interact with my posts. I will archive old versions of this page if I change it, and link them on the new page for comparison purposes.

Please remember that you are not entitled to have your comment moved from moderation to posting for any reason. It is not silencing or censoring you to deny you access to my comment section. You do not have the right to comment on my website. Me not letting your comment insulting me or someone I’m writing about “go live” isn’t infringing on your “free speech” rights, and you know that.

However: If you see something that needs corrections, and you can manage to deliver that information without lying about or insulting me to my face or being aggressive about the very human subjects I sometimes write about (like John Boyega, Candice Patton, or Tyler Posey) feel free to reach out some other way.

Other than that, respect given will be met with respect. I don’t mind being corrected – especially when I’m wrong – but I will not allow my comment section to be flooded by lies, insults, threats, etc. If you need to drop comment like that, go to a site that’ll allow it and leave me out of it entirely.

You’re in my space when you comment.

Don’t ever forget that.