Thread Collection: PickMe! (6/19/2019)

Originally posted on twitter June 19, 2019.

How is it that the only people in fandom who can talk about race without getting shouted down are:

1 – White women who don’t believe there’s racism in fandom (but have never experienced racism)

2 – PickMe POC who use their POC-ness to shut down POC talking about racism

Meanwhile, fans of color who talk about racism get shut down (because they can’t/don’t speak for EVERY POC) and white people who use their position and privilege to support us and share our words on racism in fandom get shut down (because they’re white saviors/talking over POC)

If this wasn’t a constant, infuriating experience of fandom for me and for other fans of color, this would be so interesting.

Also: PickMe POC also use their POC-ness to shut down white people in fandom who are trying to tell the other white people to sit down and stop being shitty about fandom racism.

That’s their main purpose.

Shutting down fans of color is the second.

An example of this is how people in fandom will use PickMe POC to invalidate comments on their fandom’s racism from white fans (calling it whitesplaining and “actual” racism to make them fear speaking up/using their privilege) and fans of color (“you don’t speak for all POC”)

If you write off white people who talk about fandom racism (by lifting up the voices of fans of color & acknowledging the racism in these spaces) as doing it for woke points and shut down fans of color talking about the racism they witness & experience in fandom, who’s left?



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  1. I fear this is true because it’s been the playbook since, before Reconstruction? (I wasn’t an Americanist, so I’m a little dodgy outside the specifics of my eclectic coursework and interests) It’s pretty close to how you keep labor divided, too. You just switch out the specifics of the PickMe|NotLikeOther|SeekerofBetterCrumbs.
    Hope Zeta doesn’t give more than you can handle.


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