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Welcome to Stitch’s Media Mix!

This is a website for critical analysis of media, complaining about comics, and the occasional selfie post.

I’m Stitch, your regularly scheduled complainer, writer, and superhero in training. I’m a simple Stitch. I love complaining about things and reading books. I’ll read anything if you remind me and then, if you remind me some more, I’ll even remember to write about what I’ve read.

If you’re here from social media like twitter or tumblr, I’m happy to have you. You’ve already seen me at my worst so it’s all good.

If you’re here from any job hunting websites/companies, I’ve applied to… Um… Hi! Please hire me!

For James Bond-related posts, check me out at The Mary Sue. In September 2015 I finished up a weekly Bond film recap series (which I used to mostly talk about how much I’m in love with most of the Bond Girls tbh) and it’s called Bond Girls.

For my original fiction, you’ve got options. You can check out my Fiction Round-Up page or you can head on over to Fireside Fiction where my first professional piece of fiction is in their August 3rd magazine issue! “Accidental Queen of the Spiders” is cute, creepy, and full of some very intelligent spiders!

I’m also working on some stuff for submission at various publications and if that doesn’t work out I’m definitely going to be looking into self-pubbing my short story collection sometime in 2016!

And of course, there’s always my twittah where I’m almost always available for chats!

Thanks for visiting my wee site! I hope you stick around!

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  1. John Seavey says:

    Came here from the Mary Sue, really loving the Bond Girls series (geeking out on James Bond, woo!) Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

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