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It’s a HAUL!

Several weeks ago, Tiny T and I spent an hour going over and Aliexpress looking for cute and cheap things just to experiment with the platforms. Here are some of the results!

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Post PCA 2019 Analysis

Off-hand, I have a list of a few words that I think apply to my experience at PCA 2019 Community Validation Cannibalism Expensive First of all, while I was surprised that folks in fan-studies gave two shiny cents about me … Continue reading

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Stitch @ BookNet Fest 2018

Note: I used my headset to dictate a lot of this so most of the errors here exist because my computer still doesn’t understand me when I talk… I finally got the chance to sit down and work on my … Continue reading

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Stitch Went to the U.S. Virgin Islands

As y’all may have noticed by the very lengthy threads about fandom racism I keep making on my twitter, I’m back in Florida. I had a lovely time visiting my father and once hurricane season is over, I’m going to … Continue reading

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A Quick Update

If you know me from tumblr (the same username as my website), that’s on an indefinite hiatus for the foreseeable future. For various reasons (including someone (some people?) running a smear campaign against me and reblogging my stuff with vicious … Continue reading

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Library Haul 1/22

I had to pick up some books for my thesis and I wound up digging deep into my library’s film and literary criticism section despite the fact that I only needed ONE book from that section. Here are the books … Continue reading

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2017 Wrap-up

I usually wait until the end of the year to do this and spend the thirty-first panicking my way through remembering everything I did/read/saw/ate this year, but I’m going to pretend that I’ve turned a new leaf over here and … Continue reading

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I do not “agree to disagree”

There’s a guy in my Monday night class. He was in my Monday night class last semester. And his big thing, his huge thing, is looking at the other side and agreeing to disagree when people get angry with what … Continue reading

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Totally Anecdotal: Stitch’s Brush With Racism in Education

I wanted to start my review of Jason Reynolds’ Miles Morales: A Spider-Man Novel with a slightly relevant anecdote on an experience I had as a teenager. As an adult that was once a Black kid in the US education … Continue reading

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Spring Semester Summary

In absolutely unsurprising news (to everyone BUT me): I have another semester of straight As.  This means that I’m basically 3 credits and a completed Thesis away from having my MA. Holy crap! This semester has been… a lot.

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Let’s Talk About “Alice”: The Fragility of White Womanhood in Grad School Spaces

AKA “There’s a fragile white woman in my class who doesn’t seem to handle criticism very well and we’re probably going to fight by the end of the semester… or next week”. There’s this woman in my Wednesday night grad … Continue reading

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2017 Resolutions (A Day Late)

To be better at deadlines for work and school and to get comfortable communicating when a deadline isn’t going to work before it hits. To go after the things I want (jobs, writing opportunities, friendships) without talking myself out of … Continue reading

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One class down, two more to go.

Yesterday was the last meeting of my most stressful class. I am so glad that I don’t have the class again and that I (probably) won’t see most of the people in that class again.

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The Author In Their Times (Unless That Author Wrote A Comic Book)

One of the three graduate courses I’m taking is a class called “The Author in their Time/s”. It’s a class that looks at authors writing fiction about a period in history as they lived in said period. This specific class, … Continue reading

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“Holy Homosexual Batman”: A Reference List

For my critical literary theory course during my first semester of grad school,  I did a final paper looking at applications of queer theory as it applies to textual and subtextual queer perceptions of Batman. You know, because I just … Continue reading

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