One class down, two more to go.

Yesterday was the last meeting of my most stressful class. I am so glad that I don’t have the class again and that I (probably) won’t see most of the people in that class again.

That class was a hot mess and I frequently found myself disassociating while my classmates passionately debated things that they had little to no experience with. While our professor did his best, he wasn’t able to stop some of the sheer ignorance that bubbled out from the mouths of graduate students.

And last night’s class was an even bigger mess because in addition to the usual liberal racism (inherent in things like demanding that marginalized people educate oppressors, making excuses for whitewashing and erasure in literature, and using MLK as a silencing tactic in respectability politics), last night we also got a new and absolutely AWFUL form of oppression in casual transmisogyny.

It’s not my story to tell in specifics (and also, you can probably find my site if you google my name and I don’t need that drama), but needless to say, I’m pissed at a couple of my classmates in a way that I wasn’t before.

Considering that I was already boiling mad about the endless freaking racism… Well, things are even worse.

I’d been prepared for some ridiculousness when I first applied to grad school. I have a friend who got her MA in the history department of the same school, our alma mater, and she was faced with so much actual crap from the department and people literally talk crap about her to this day. All because she refused to be silent when people disguised their ignorance and bigotry behind GRE-level words and concepts and “calmly” debating other people’s rights to humanity.

However, with the same types of obtuse people in my own class after (most of) the classes I’ve had so far, my Monday night class is terribly annoying.

It’s frustrating though, the fact that a couple of my classmates literally can’t figure out things like “nonviolence doesn’t work as a tactic when people are hurting you”, “stop demanding that marginalized people educate their oppressors”, “marginalized people don’t exist to be your inspiration porn” or “stop misgendering people” aren’t attempts at political correctness, but actual ways to not be a crappy human being.

Hopefully next semester will be better.

Because otherwise, certain people are going to get their feelings really freaking hurt.