A Brief Tribute To My Dad

I liked to tell people that my dad was a month older than Batman. This is both true – Batman’s first appearance was in Detective Comics Number 27 in May 1939, a month after his birth – and relevant – one of my earliest and most formative memories of my dad was of watching reruns of the 1960s batman series with him after he got me from school. This help set me on a path to where I’ve interviewed multiple DC Comics actors and creators, and did my thesis on a core Batman character.

I bring up this Batman connection because it speaks to how blessed I have been. My dad made room for me to exist as myself. My dad always made time for me. We watched TV together, talked politics and baseball together, and of course got into cowboys.

Everything I am, that I love, and that I create can be traced back to my time with my dad. His support was endless. while his loss has me feeling a little lost on my own, I’m prepared to continue living a life he would be proud of. Rest well Daddy, you did a good job.


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