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Hire The Stitch Reminder ($10 Tier)

Think of the “Ask an English MA Anything”/”Hire The Stitch” feature as you paying me to do [at least] an hour of work on something you’re working on yourself. You can email me at [EMAIL] with your task (and the subject Hre The Stitch – [THE MONTH YOU’RE EMAILING IN]) as well as if you want to talk via Google Hangouts or Discord and what times would work for you!

[WIP Post] What Fandom Racism Looks Like: “You’re Silencing Meeeee (Feat. Folks who only speak up to derail)” ($1+ Tier)

Silencing is a real issue, let’s get that straight. In fandom, however, it’s something that happens to people who don’t actually go with the established fandom order – and if you think talking about racism in fandom aligns with what fandom wants… I can only assume that you’re a gullible one.

[Image + Essay] They’re Faking It, Harold ($1+ Tiers)

I don’t love seeing BLM in folks’ display names and social media bios at this point of 2020. It feels like it’s all a quick and handy way to signal care… without having any. There are people harassing, insulting, and harming Black people in and out of fandom that think the cute lil BLM covers their bases.

[Exclusive Audio] BTS, the Parasocial Relationship, and Celeb Fueled Serotonin Drops. ($5+ Tiers)

Instead of thinking that this is just a form of fandom that’s confusing to you because you’re not in it— one that’s still very valuable— Groszman seems to be pointing out that this fear of being seen negatively as fans, and as fans study scholars, keeps folks in the field but outside of the idol-academic complex from engaging with the very idea of Kpop as a fandom because they think that it’s so negative, because they think that these companies have us all by the purse springs, purse strings, and that we are being exploited by an industry that exploits idols.

And I think that is a very simplistic way to look at this 30 year industry, by people in a 30 year academic field, you know?

[Audio Backlog] WFRLL: Phone A Friend of Color ($1+ Tiers)

Imagine having the nerve to try and silence someone talking about racism on their own twitter account or blog because you think your (similar) identity somehow trumps theirs. Wild!

Stitch Does Stuff in September


Stitch does stuff in September (1)

So we’re eleven days into September and I’ve had one heck of a busy month already!

If you missed it, I attended BookNet Fest 2018 this past weekend and had a BLAST. I also didn’t get much work done because I am…mediocre at multitasking. So, once again I’m playing catch-up and blowing past deadlines while screaming.

Here’s what’s going to be (hopefully) up on my website and Patreon this coming month!


“Sacrifice, Heroics, and Dead Characters of Color” – September 14th

“Dear Comic Fans, It’s Been Four Years And Y’all Are Still So Darn Angry About Brown Folks In Your Nerdy Media IN GENERAL” – End of September

#IKnowWhatIReadLastSummer Reviews for:

  • Deadline (Harietta Lee #1) – Stephanie Ahn
  • Borderline (The Arcadia Project #1) – Mishell Baker
  • Trail of Lightning (The Sixth World #1) – Rebecca Roanhoarse
  • Shadow’s Bane (Dorina Basarab #4 – Karen Chance

Review for Soulless (Awakening of the Spirit #3) – Montiese McKenzie

Review for Undertow (Port Lewis Witches #2) – Brooklyn Ray

Fleeting Frustrations #2 – Miss Me With Non-Intersectional Fandom Analysis


[Finished Draft] Queer-Coding, Bad-Bat-Takes, And Why The Joker Isn’t That Important to Batman – $3 Tier

Snippets and reading list for Urban Fantasy 101: Vampire Supremacy – $1 Tier

The next installment in The Great Big Anita Blake Reread – $3 Tier

Test snippets at the $1 Tier for:

  • What Fandom Racism Looks Like – Beige Blank Slates
  • Little Wolf, Big Red (Fiction)
  • Urban Fantasy 101 – White Saviors
  • Evil in My Heart: Thrawn (a new mini-article series analyzing the villains I love, because yes… I’ve been listening to that one Thrawn audiobook for a month straight and he’s one of a ton of villains who deserve some of my intense interest)

A Spooky Surprise (with Demons!)- $3 or $5 Tier

(Possibly) Writing Files: Demons – $5 Tier

I know It looks like a lot, but I am determined to get this all done and posted! Wish me luck and feel free to subscribe to my Patreon!

[Patreon Preview] Stitch Talks Tropes

I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of weeks as I planned, and now I think I’m ready to share a preview of something I’ve been working on and planning for almost all of June: Stitch Talks Tropes (Or, possibly, Talking Tropes) will be a half-hour long, monthly podcast-y series where I talk about tropes in the media we love.

I’m planning on talking tropes in romance novels, urban fantasy, science fiction, and fandom spaces. Some of these tropes will be ones we love and always will. Others will be tropes that are problematic and need a little subversion. And at the end of every episode, there’ll be a recommendation for at least one work (published fiction or fanwork) that displays a trope I think is positive or subverts a problematic trope.

So here’s what you need to know about Stitch Talks Tropes/Talking Tropes:

  • Will be Patreon-exclusive at the $5 Tier (with articles being written and posted on my website once 6 or more episodes are completed, providing a likely six-month delay between what Patreons get and what my website readers get).
  • Won’t have transcripts until I can afford to pay for transcription services, but hopefully that will be soon.
  • The first three episodes are already planned out
  • All of the episodes will have a header image because those are cute
  • Each episode will likely be about 25-30 minutes of audio
  • And at least one recommendation related to the trope will be provided at the end of every episode
  • I’ll hold polls and ask for feedback for future episodes.
  • The first episode will release sometime during the second week of July

If you’re interested in hearing me analyze the tropes we love or loathe (and really want to support an unemployed writer of color), please consider signing up to be a patron at the $5 Tier today!

Patreon, folks.

Here’s what you can expect from me in August

Okay so I’m going back to school near the end of the month which means that my writing time will shrink down immensely. So I’m trying to figure out ways to provide y’all with good stuff and still do well with my classes and general mental health.

First,  for general blog consumption:

  • I’m still working on the queer (coded) Joker piece (and will probably incorporate some aspects of the Suicide Squad film’s portrayal of the character if I see it) so hopefully that will be done this month.
  • The reference list for my big Batman paper so that interested followers can do their own digging.
  • A post about Black pain in the MCU (and how canon and fandom suck at dealing with it)
  • Urban Fantasy 101: Allegory Overuse
  • Letter to the Author: Matt Wallace
  • Breaking and Entering (provided that the art I commissioned is done by the end of the month)
  • Lamplickers – a little horror story set in the Caribbean (formerly Patreon Exclusive)
  • Radioplay Day – “The Creeper”
  • A Batman vs Superman themed giveaway (because I have a digital code and an amazon gift card set aside)

For Patreon peeps (and seriously, you should consider subscribing)

First of all, I’m not sure when the lesbian sirens story will happen because it’s just getting super long. I’m replacing it with something shorter and fluffier, but it’s still on the table for upcoming months. Additionally, I’m going to put a hold on both Adventures in Accidental Demon Summoning and The Consort until I get more written because I’m catching up with my backlog and it’s stressful.

But there will still be good content!

For $1+ Patrons

  • Urban Fantasy 101: Werewolf White Supremacy
  • Radioplay Day – Blue Beetle episode 1
  • The Great Big Anita Blake ReRead – Guilty Pleasures
  • An advance look at my review for “The Dream Quest of Vellit-Boe” from Tor
  • The specific “Lord, Laurell K Hamilton is bad about race” post (maybe)

For $5+ Patrons:

  • To Stand and Fight – Comet City Stories
  • Outsider – a short story about a witch from the “wrong” side of San Sirena (from the same universe as The Insomniac)

For $10+ Patrons:

  • Y’all are getting “Four Flights” a short (ish) superhero story about growing into power and responsibility with a QWOC main character and lots of punching

Additionally, there’ll be at least one audio post about fandom and a video review of something (I’m thinking Tarzan because it’s so horrible and hilarious).

I’d really appreciate any support y’all can give me because I’m working really hard and super stressed out by a lack of response. If you all can share my writing and support me when you can, that’d be awesome.

Supervillains (Not-So) Anonymous – Patreon Reward

For my darling Patrons ($5 and up) , this first short story for the month is about a (sort of) reformed supervillain who attends her first Supervillains Anonymous meeting and winds up getting in between a heavy hitter and a newbie who can’t help running off at the mouth.

Contains: mildly violent imagery, a non-binary secondary character

It’s in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats!

Hope y’all enjoy reading!


Snippet under the cut:Read More »

News for Patrons!

I keep forgetting to update patrons (and people who might want to become patrons) about what’s going on on the my Patreon page. So here’s what’s gone on recently and what you can expect in the future!


If you’re a patron, you have early access to a giveaway I’m hosting so you can get your entries in before the giveaway officially opens tomorrow. Note that episode two of Nerdery Squared has a code for you to input that’ll give you extra entries as a bonus for being my patrons!

Next, Episode one of my podcasty thing Nerdery Squared has been opened to the general public. Episode two, mentioned above, has a lot of yelling about fandom & shipping, how DC’s Trinity are being portrayed, and my dissatsfaction with representation in the book world.

March’s Urban Fantasy 101 post: WERELIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS! OH MY! is up for readers in PDF form!

What’s also up is the reward for $10+ Patrons: the prologue for The Consort an M/M/M romantic fantasy that revolves around the unwanted incubus Iirin and his arranged bonding to two of the Tals (earth/nature divinities) in his home country’s God Quarter.Read More »

Patreon – Past, Present, and Future


Hello folks!

It’s January 1st and 2016 is stretching in front of us, full of possibilities and endless hope. I know that I’m excited to see what the year brings me. Right now, I’m rethinking what I put out for Patreon subscribers and how I’ll be managing my time and content output especially with graduate school starting in less than two weeks.Read More »

December’s Patreon Plans Are Up!

If you’re supporting me on Patreon (at any level) and want to keep up with what I have planned for December, I have the list up for what’s heading your way along with some news on my upcoming SECRET project.

December is going to be a pretty busy month in terms of writing and hopefully, it’ll be a pretty rewarding one for my followers.

Patrons, you can check the  list out HERE ON PATREON! (Everyone else? You’ll just have to be pleasantly surprised when content rolls out here!)