Patreon – Past, Present, and Future


Hello folks!

It’s January 1st and 2016 is stretching in front of us, full of possibilities and endless hope. I know that I’m excited to see what the year brings me. Right now, I’m rethinking what I put out for Patreon subscribers and how I’ll be managing my time and content output especially with graduate school starting in less than two weeks.

First things first, I definitely over extended myself with December and my Patreon goals. I put down way too much things that I was going to do and then, because real life happens so much, I wasn’t able to create all of the content that I wanted to and I’m still not gaining enough to feel like I’m spending my time wisely.

This month, I’ll be changing that. I definitely will be looking at ways to make sure that I create everything that I want to and get them to supporters in a timely manner. December was a bit sloppy and I’m going to do my best to make sure that never happens again.

Second, I’m thinking about changing my rewards just a little bit. I’ll be moving somewhere that has more privacy for recording video and audio without the risk of children bursting in and interrupting me. So I’m going to start doing a recording session every month (either audio/video) where I answer questions, read snippets of my work, and provide fun facts about nerdy things.

This is going to be available for all Patrons pledging $1 and up a month. I’ll be taking questions from Patrons as well as people on other websites but the public won’t have access to the videos until two weeks to a month after the video is shared on.

I’m also going to change what $5 and $10 patrons get in terms of stories.

There’ll be two stories per month for the $5 and up level that will be exclusive to Patreon for the foreseeable future (not necessarily going into the short story collection at a later date). These stories will be in different genres and will range from flash fiction to my usual short story length. I’ll be bouncing around different universes and creating new ones so there’ll definitely be new things every month.

For $10 patrons, though, I thought about doing something super special for them. So I’ll be removing the “boss your writer around” reward option and replacing it with monthly chapters to a romantic fantasy novella I will be planning and plotting this coming week. (I’ll be writing down ideas to share with friends and followers so keep an eye out for that as well.)

Next, I need to figure out a way to get more people aware of what I’m doing and what I’m putting out because I’m a good writer and I know that. I don’t know how to market myself yet and make people want to share what I’m putting out.

It’s a bit harder for writers vs visual artists (with regard to advertising/marketing) because I don’t really do graphics and stuff and it’s hard to figure out how to promote myself when I don’t have images to go with it. People don’t like to share stuff, period, but they really don’t like to share text/stories so I need to figure out a work around for that and how to get more people reading my work in general!

Maybe once I get more followers, I can create a goal towards advertising for my blog and stuff. We’ll see.

Lastly, here’s a tentative list of the content that will be up on Patreon in January 2016:

For $1 Patrons:

— On Mental Health Issues and Using Superman as a Guiding Light

— Problematic Fave: Orson Welles

— Urban Fantasy 101: Gentry-fication

— Fandom’s Race Problem Essay #1

— A preview of [SECRET PROJECT] #2

— Bouncing Through Back Issues – Batman: Thrillkiller

— The first episode of my (currently unnamed) podcast or vlogging project

For $5 Patrons:

— All of the above

— That Temptation Valley story

— Something with squishy selkies

For $10 Patrons:

— All of the above

–The first chapter to a romantic fantasy story that will center characters of color & LGBTQA characters


There may be more content from me, but there shouldn’t be any less.

I think this is all much more manageable workload considering that I’ll be having to balance school, trying to find work, and my regular blog posts on top of this. I’m still so excited though because I’ll be working on a lot of stuff that I really am excited for!

So if you’re interested in becoming a part of this and getting access to some really great content, consider pledging to my Patreon!


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