[Patreon Preview] Stitch Talks Tropes

I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of weeks as I planned, and now I think I’m ready to share a preview of something I’ve been working on and planning for almost all of June: Stitch Talks Tropes (Or, possibly, Talking Tropes) will be a half-hour long, monthly podcast-y series where I talk about tropes in the media we love.

I’m planning on talking tropes in romance novels, urban fantasy, science fiction, and fandom spaces. Some of these tropes will be ones we love and always will. Others will be tropes that are problematic and need a little subversion. And at the end of every episode, there’ll be a recommendation for at least one work (published fiction or fanwork) that displays a trope I think is positive or subverts a problematic trope.

So here’s what you need to know about Stitch Talks Tropes/Talking Tropes:

  • Will be Patreon-exclusive at the $5 Tier (with articles being written and posted on my website once 6 or more episodes are completed, providing a likely six-month delay between what Patreons get and what my website readers get).
  • Won’t have transcripts until I can afford to pay for transcription services, but hopefully that will be soon.
  • The first three episodes are already planned out
  • All of the episodes will have a header image because those are cute
  • Each episode will likely be about 25-30 minutes of audio
  • And at least one recommendation related to the trope will be provided at the end of every episode
  • I’ll hold polls and ask for feedback for future episodes.
  • The first episode will release sometime during the second week of July

If you’re interested in hearing me analyze the tropes we love or loathe (and really want to support an unemployed writer of color), please consider signing up to be a patron at the $5 Tier today!

Patreon, folks.


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    • If you don’t mind slightly delayed pay, we can work something out! Because once I’m working I can afford to pay for transcription and I’d be happy to pay you for the service!!


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