Stitch Does Stuff in September


Stitch does stuff in September (1)

So we’re eleven days into September and I’ve had one heck of a busy month already!

If you missed it, I attended BookNet Fest 2018 this past weekend and had a BLAST. I also didn’t get much work done because I am…mediocre at multitasking. So, once again I’m playing catch-up and blowing past deadlines while screaming.

Here’s what’s going to be (hopefully) up on my website and Patreon this coming month!


“Sacrifice, Heroics, and Dead Characters of Color” – September 14th

“Dear Comic Fans, It’s Been Four Years And Y’all Are Still So Darn Angry About Brown Folks In Your Nerdy Media IN GENERAL” – End of September

#IKnowWhatIReadLastSummer Reviews for:

  • Deadline (Harietta Lee #1) – Stephanie Ahn
  • Borderline (The Arcadia Project #1) – Mishell Baker
  • Trail of Lightning (The Sixth World #1) – Rebecca Roanhoarse
  • Shadow’s Bane (Dorina Basarab #4 – Karen Chance

Review for Soulless (Awakening of the Spirit #3) – Montiese McKenzie

Review for Undertow (Port Lewis Witches #2) – Brooklyn Ray

Fleeting Frustrations #2 – Miss Me With Non-Intersectional Fandom Analysis


[Finished Draft] Queer-Coding, Bad-Bat-Takes, And Why The Joker Isn’t That Important to Batman – $3 Tier

Snippets and reading list for Urban Fantasy 101: Vampire Supremacy – $1 Tier

The next installment in The Great Big Anita Blake Reread – $3 Tier

Test snippets at the $1 Tier for:

  • What Fandom Racism Looks Like – Beige Blank Slates
  • Little Wolf, Big Red (Fiction)
  • Urban Fantasy 101 – White Saviors
  • Evil in My Heart: Thrawn (a new mini-article series analyzing the villains I love, because yes… I’ve been listening to that one Thrawn audiobook for a month straight and he’s one of a ton of villains who deserve some of my intense interest)

A Spooky Surprise (with Demons!)- $3 or $5 Tier

(Possibly) Writing Files: Demons – $5 Tier

I know It looks like a lot, but I am determined to get this all done and posted! Wish me luck and feel free to subscribe to my Patreon!