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Hire The Stitch Reminder ($10 Tier)

Think of the “Ask an English MA Anything”/”Hire The Stitch” feature as you paying me to do [at least] an hour of work on something you’re working on yourself. You can email me at [EMAIL] with your task (and the subject Hre The Stitch – [THE MONTH YOU’RE EMAILING IN]) as well as if you want to talk via Google Hangouts or Discord and what times would work for you!

[WIP Post] What Fandom Racism Looks Like: “You’re Silencing Meeeee (Feat. Folks who only speak up to derail)” ($1+ Tier)

Silencing is a real issue, let’s get that straight. In fandom, however, it’s something that happens to people who don’t actually go with the established fandom order – and if you think talking about racism in fandom aligns with what fandom wants… I can only assume that you’re a gullible one.

[Image + Essay] They’re Faking It, Harold ($1+ Tiers)

I don’t love seeing BLM in folks’ display names and social media bios at this point of 2020. It feels like it’s all a quick and handy way to signal care… without having any. There are people harassing, insulting, and harming Black people in and out of fandom that think the cute lil BLM covers their bases.

[Exclusive Audio] BTS, the Parasocial Relationship, and Celeb Fueled Serotonin Drops. ($5+ Tiers)

Instead of thinking that this is just a form of fandom that’s confusing to you because you’re not in it— one that’s still very valuable— Groszman seems to be pointing out that this fear of being seen negatively as fans, and as fans study scholars, keeps folks in the field but outside of the idol-academic complex from engaging with the very idea of Kpop as a fandom because they think that it’s so negative, because they think that these companies have us all by the purse springs, purse strings, and that we are being exploited by an industry that exploits idols.

And I think that is a very simplistic way to look at this 30 year industry, by people in a 30 year academic field, you know?

[Audio Backlog] WFRLL: Phone A Friend of Color ($1+ Tiers)

Imagine having the nerve to try and silence someone talking about racism on their own twitter account or blog because you think your (similar) identity somehow trumps theirs. Wild!