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(I Wish It Wasn’t) Applied To Fandom: Anti Racist Moderation as Trauma Work

Today in “yeah that’s not what that means in fandom” we have… “trauma work”. I first saw this crop up either in 2019 or 2020 where the response to “perhaps eventually there should be some kind of anti racist policy … Continue reading

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Meme-ing For a Reason #13: Racists in Fandom Shouldn’t Get To Run The Show

Captions: Image A: The “Don’t make me tap the sign” meme with bottom text that reads: “Declaring that the real problem with how we talk about racism is “angry” POC and not racists harming and harassing them is… racist. Bitch.” … Continue reading

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Fandom Misogynoir Bingo Card

It’s been a while since we had a fandom racism bingo card. Last time, it was my partially tongue-in-cheek one about the fandoms for Korean pop and hip hop with a heavy tilt towards cultural appropriation and antiblackness. This time, … Continue reading

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: “ACAB includes Fandom Police and Antis”

Content Notes: descriptions of police brutality and violence from law enforcement that includes sexual violence and violence against vulnerable people like children. Screenshots that mention harassment that include racism, threats, harassers urging people to self harm, and doxxing. I also … Continue reading

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[Thread Collection] What Racist Fandom Discourse Accounts Are Doing (3/15/2021)

Originally posted here. Guess what racist fandom discourse accounts (and of course, their tokens of color) do to conversations about racism in fandom~ (literally it’s the same thing. they even use the same language – like woke as a pejorative, … Continue reading

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Over A Year After the OTW/AO3’s Statement of Solidarity: Where Are We With That Anti Racism?

It’s been over a year (this piece was originally supposed to go up in June 2021) since the Organization of Transformative Works’ Board of Directors, Chairs, and Leads released a statement of some solidarity with fans of color – particularly Black … Continue reading

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Meme-Ing For A Reason #12 – I Am Not The Roadblock You Think I Am…

As we’ve covered, there’s a specific class of fandom weenie that I cannot stand because of how willing they are to support racists and racism in fandom using their POC-ness as a shield.  Continue reading

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[Thread Collection & Expansion] Weaponized Specificity and DARVO (8/14/2021)

You can find the original thread here but I’ve expanded and edited my own thoughts to cover more of what’s happening with DARVO because it’s something I’m super interested in talking about because it’s happening constantly and people just… don’t … Continue reading

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Apolitical/Drama Free Fandom Spaces

Another (relatively) short-and-spicy one in the style of the Fandom Wank installment, I’m here to point out that racism in fandom looks like apolitical or “drama free” fandom spaces. In discord servers, twitter group chats and other forms of fannish … Continue reading

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White Fannish Entitlement Strikes Again

I think it speaks volumes to the racist entitlement of fandom (and the entitlement of white women/queerness in such) that people in a racist shipping fandom that has been trying to destroy my very real life for years could still sit around and call me names for not… fighting a fight they don’t even want me touching in the first place. Continue reading

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When Does Online Harassment From Fandom Stop?

If you’re a person of color… Never If you’re marginalized in some way – queer, a person of color, not a cis dude – you can expect to be subject to months or even years of online harassment from people … Continue reading

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Revisiting “POC Coded” White Villains/Anti-Heroes

They don’t think that these white men are “POC coded”, something that isn’t even a thing. They don’t think these men are people of color. If they did, they literally wouldn’t create or consume content for them because that is what fandom is like. Continue reading

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Link Lineup July 2021

So many links this July (it’s like 12) White Woman Hospitalized After Being Called White Laura, whose recent 23andme revealed that she is of Nordic, German, and British ancestry and nothing else, explained the tragic circumstances that landed her in … Continue reading

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Meme-Ing for a Reason #10: Blocked For Not Being Nice To Racists

No one is more surprised than I am that I’ve been able to get to ten memes in this series. While I’m genuinely hilarious and my meme game is on point, there are only so many memes in the world … Continue reading

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DNA Remix MV + Jay Park’s Response to Criticism

Initially, I was just going to write like a TINY amount on the actual video for the DNA Remix that H1GHR just dropped for my Music Video Anatomy series on my site. But then Jay Park dropped that whopper of … Continue reading

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