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[Thread Collection] Your Priorities … Seem Seuss Skewed

Still locked on main thanks to people who believe boundaries and fandom are a thing they get, but not me, but if you’re following me, you can see the original thread here. if your talking point for why the biggest … Continue reading

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Fandom Racism 101: Basic Body Politics

I love a tol and a smol and if you’re in fandom… chances are that you do too. There’s something supremely thrilling about size differences in a pairing. I know people who’ve gotten into their ship of choice specifically because … Continue reading

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: All The Pieces of Heroes of Color

“[…] this problem of cannibalizing a hero of color to enhance a white character isn’t new.” – tumblr user thehollowprince in response to a tumblr message received July 16, 2020 (Archive link.) I’ve never seen folks in fandom cut up … Continue reading

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Three Things About The Negative Backlash to Fan Service #2

I have been harassed for writing about racism in fandom spaces since 2017. Before, people had one off “lol that’s d*mb” and “fandom isn’t racist” responses, but it wasn’t until people started taking me seriously that the harassment amped up … Continue reading

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Meme-Ing For A Reason #5 – Take The BLM Out of Your Bio

I cannot get over how many people continue to be antiblack on main while having the nerve to have the Black Lives Matter hashtag in their Twitter (or another social media accounts) bio or in the header of their account. Continue reading

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Urban Fantasy 101: Magical Negros in the Genre

Instead of writing Magical Negros, aim for fully fleshed out and well rounded characters that just happen to be Black. Continue reading

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Black People in Fandom: Cassandras in Action

Black fans and Black culture writers who specialize in complex fandom and media circles have been talking about all of these different dustups and racefails for years –

But no one listens. Continue reading

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Thread Collection: Like With Meghan, Coded Antiblackness Comes (1/11/2020)

A lot of people dismiss the racism aimed at Meghan because it’s not overt (to nonblack people). Continue reading

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Thread Collection: When Talking Heads Need to STFU (6/5/2020)

Solidarity will save us from whyte supremacy, but not with people like these publicly and purposefully acting as if wanting people who benefit from Blackness (Black fan/producer/songwriter labor on top of their endless appropriation) to speak up is colonizing them. Continue reading

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Thread Collection: Escapism Would Be Great (1/18/2019)

Escapism in fic and fandom is great, but as a Black person, I find it impossible to escape into fandoms and fanworks that treat Black people (fictional and real) as burdens to be left on the side of the road and complained about. Continue reading

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[Flashback Friday] My Original Fandom Racism Bingo

This was originally posted on my Tumblr in 2018 shortly before the Black Panther film came out and three years into my time running Stitch’s Media Mix! This is totally for funsies thanks to a darling pal on twitter, so … Continue reading

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When Transformative Fandom Passes The Buck On Representation In Fandom

“Well if there were more well-written characters of color, I’d focus on them,” is a recurring excuse for the way content is unfairly weighted towards white characters in Western media fandoms. Continue reading

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Link Lineup – November BONUS

Everyone’s writing such good content and I can’t actually bring myself to wait until December to share some of the stuff I’ve read since the last Link Lineup post! So bonus links for all! Continue reading

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[Image Post + Essay] On Performative Anti-Racism

Even SM Entertainment got into the swing of things when they released a statement in June about how they were “new to the conversation” (despite hiring Black people to dance, write, record demos, etc for them for decades). Continue reading

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Link Lineup – October 2020

Hey friends and assorted nerds, I come bearing some links to things that have held my attention since last time we did this! Go read, watch, or listen to them right away! John Boyega: ‘I’m the only cast member whose … Continue reading

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