Stitch Does Stuff in March 2019

Stitch does stuff in march 2019

I told y’all that February would probably be a slow month for me and well… it was.

Visiting my father was fantastic and I loved seeing my brother, sister-in-law, and the little niblings, BUT my already slow writing process got slowed down to next to nothing.

So March, for the most part, will be all about playing catch-up on my website and on Patreon.

So anything I didn’t get to do in February will be getting done in March and there’ll be new posts going up between my website, Patreon, and my Dreamwidth account (which I keep forgetting about).

(You can check out last month’s post for details about the pieces I’ll be trying again in March.)

I’ve got a busy month ahead as I continue looking for full-time work and prepare for PCA in April, but writing remains my biggest priority! I’m looking forward to meeting my goals this month!

Now, let’s get to the goods!


The Cruel Prince – Review

Spiderverse and Miiles Morales: A Spider-Man Novel: When Authrnticity Matters

In Retrospect: The Authority Volume 1 (Issues 1 -12)

What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Misogynoir – Black Actresses Under Attack

The fourth part of “What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Misogynoir”, this installment focuses on the direct attacks that fandom – all of fandom – aims at the Black actresses that play Black female characters in popular media.

Ships ‘n Shit: Thororo

Essentially a fast and loose ship manifesto for the mostelectric of ships, this would look at the wildly underappreciated rarepair of Ororo Munroe and Thor. They would be amazing together and I’m gonna talk about that and recommend some of that sweet Thororo content.

Audio Backlog: Anita Blake Reread: Guilty Pleasures

This is a recorded version of my first installment of my Great Big Anita Blake Reread series. If reading tons of text isn’t your thing, listening to me narrate a post might be?

The Great Big Anita Blake Reread: Approaching the Ardeur (An Explainer)

Like it says on the tin, I’m taking a step back to post an explainer/primer about the ardeur as we approach the books in the Anitaverse that gravitate towards it as Anita’s greatest power. I keep expecting y’all to know everything about the series (which is weird since my goal is to make sure y’all don’t have to read it), so I’m going to be doing primers for a few series-specific tidbits that y’all might not be as familiar with as I am.

Blog Anniversary Giveaway

This is my fourth March running Stitch’s Media Mix and that means that it’s time for a giveaway. It’ll be short and simple because I’m poor, but on top of the Venom comic copies I’ve got to mail out, there’ll hopefully be a digital copy of Crazy Rich Asians and one of Once Ghosted, Twice Shy in it for a lucky follower. Keep your eyes posted for the giveaway!

Girl, Get Wrecked

A witch and a werewolf fall into lust after bumping into each other in a bar that serves as neutral territory for supernaturals on a tropical island. Short erotic fantasy, F/F. (Will be on Dreamwidth behind a friends-lock for NSFW purposes.)


Stitch Loves Villains: Mariah Dillard ($3 Tier – Draft)

The Great Big Anita Blake Reread: Narcissus in Chains ($3 Tier – Draft)

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Nobles ($5 Tier – Draft)

Women of Color in Marvel Live Action Properties: Nakia ($1/3 Tiers – Snippet and Draft)

Urban Fantasy 101: Magical Negros in the Genre ($1 Tier – Snippet)

Urban Fantasy 101 Notes ($1 Tier)

  • Hate Crimes (A carry over from February.)
  • Research Mode – On researching responsibly (with a short attention span, at that.)

Little Wolf, Big Red ($1 – Snippet)

I finished the first chapter of my F/F Red Riding Hood retelling so I feel comfortable posting another little snippet as I try to figure out the second chapter’s trajectory.

What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Keep Calm and Wait Your Turn ($1/3 Tiers – Snippet and Draft)

I’m genuinely excited for Captain Marvel to come out in like a week. If I had money to spare, I’d already have tickets for me + the niecelings. At the same time that I’m excited for this film – and was excited for Wonder Woman, Agent Carter, and Jessica Jones – I’m constantly reminded that women of color at every single level of fandom keep being told to wait our turn even in cases (like with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel) where there are women of color in the iconic role. On top of that the rhetoric of “wait your turn” is hypocritical because it’s coming from people who don’t generally support WOC in nerdy media outside of super performative and unhelpful ways. So we’re going to talk about that.

PCA 2019 Handout (All Patrons)

This is more for accountability purposes than anything else. Near the end of April, I’ll be heading to PCA 2019 up in DC. I need to sit down and finish my powerpoint and the digital handout I want to have available by then. So… my goal is to get the handout up here by the end of this month so I can be like “yes, I have finished a thing”.

Audience Participation March 2019

This month has two options:

Stitch Recs East Asian Dramas: College Romance Edition

A 5-10 entry list looking at East Asian television dramas set primarily at a college and/or centering romance between college students.  (I really love dramas set in college, okay…)

The Glorification of (White) True Crime

There are like three moves out or in development about serial murderer, rapist, and corpse fucker Ted Bundy. There are definitely two former Disney stars playing necrophiliac serial killers. As True Crime captures the fascination of US-ians and dominates the shows we watch, books we read, and podcasts we listen to, it’s time we think about what Whiteness has to do with our fixation on fucked up murderers.

In case you’ve forgotten how the Audience Participation works, here goes!

  • First, if you’re at the $5 or $10 Tier, you need to pick one option from this list between now and well… a week from now (so… the 13th).
  • Then, I’ll write the winner and post it for you folks at the same tiers.
  • Two weeks later (or when the next month’s post goes up), the post will be available      for all patrons and a couple months after that, everyone else will get it.

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I’m still exhausted from a very busy and very frustrating February (seriously folks, it has been HECK), but my goal is to come through with good content and figure out how to hustle so that I can get good content out and in your faces!

I’m also aiming to write like 300 words of fiction a day – low and slow novella drafting, folks – so that’s going to be interesting. If anything comes of it, y’all will be the first to know… after twitter.

I hope all of your March goals go well and I look forward to working hard and writing a ton for y’all!