[Tweet Share] Threads from 2/23 – 2/25

I know there’s some overlap between the folks that support me on Patreon, folks who subscribe to my website, and the folks that follow me on Twitter, but tweets are hard to keep up with.

So I’m playing curator for a minute.

Earlier today, I got distracted from writing (which, granted, isn’t very hard to do) by someone attempting to whitesplain racism and fandom’s open lack of empathy towards Finn from Star Wars. This person even included a whole “this isn’t about race” thing even as they embodied one of the most racist aspects of the fandom: the lack of empathy towards Finn and refusal to actually engage with him as he is (rather than making up weird and problematic untruths about him).

(I’m calling this thread: What Fandom Racism Looks Like: The Empathy Gap in Action but I probably won’t actually turn it into a WFRLL essay because I don’t have the time. But I had the time today… to be a petty and furious Stitch.)

Bonus threads from days before:

A thread about anti-blackness in k-pop fandoms (re: rap/rappers)

“conveniently only caring about ‘real racism’ when fans of color are talking about racism IS RACIST”

double standards and empathy (kylo and finn)

on how white female characters (like jessica jones, wynonna earp, and peggy carter) on shows that are problematic wrt race REALLY don’t represent ~us~