Breaking and Entering – Birthday Art and Story Snippet


My darling and talented friend Vi (who I’ve commissioned to draw art for this story because she’s GREAT) surprised me with a super cute birthday sketch of Asra, one of the main characters  in my short story “Breaking and Entering”.

Not only did she give me permission to share this sketch, but also an early piece that she did of Asra and Katan when getting a feel for the characters. So now, y’all can see what my presh babies look like before the story eventually goes live! Please join me in basking in Vi’s amazing art and how beautiful she’s made my babies because WOW!

Under the cut is the aforementioned art as well as a snippet from the main story.



Asra (L) and Katan (R) by Vi


Asra didn’t hatch yesterday. Maybe he’s not as smart as the other members of his clutch or as clever, but he knows when someone is being suspicious. And Tal Katan with his mercurial moods and that one little smile is more suspicious than most.

“I’m not sleeping with you,” Asra announces.

“I didn’t ask you to,” Tal Katan replies.

“And you need to make another fire,” Asra demands.

Tal Katan rolls his eyes. “Will you also be wanting breakfast in the morning?”

Asra almost claps his hands together with excitement before he registers the sarcasm in Tal Katan’s deep voice and hunches in on himself, scowling.

“That would’ve been nice,” Asra mutters, his voice hushed. “But I’ll settle for a blanket and a nice warm place to rest.”

Tal Katan sketches a quick bow, managing to make what’s supposed to be a respectful gesture look mocking. When he stands back up to his full, towering height, there’s a smile on his face that makes Asra feel warm all the way down to his toes. No fire necessary.

“As you wish, little one.”

I’m working on plotting out the sequel to “Breaking and Entering” because I can’t get enough of these two. Hopefully, after y’all get to read the story, you’ll feel the same way that I do.


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