Breaking and Entering: Narrated

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Breaking and Entering_ Narrated

Happy Birthday to me!

This is a narrated version of my story “Breaking and Entering”, a cosy and quietly queer story set in another world. Fair warning, this is a goofy read that is definitely kind of… impacted by the fact that I have trouble reading aloud.

If you like straight, serious reads of your favorite things this is not that, so you can read the original story here:

Breaking and Entering – Original Fiction

Asra has spent much of his life alone, traveling across Anatea in search of the home he never had. On an unplanned return trip to the capital city’s God Quarter, Asra finds himself taking shelter from the rain in a seemingly abandoned temple. When Asra meets the god whose temple sits gathering dust in a lonely part of the God Quarter, he isn’t expecting much beyond a swift kick in the rear. He certainly isn’t expecting that he might finally find the home he’s always wanted to have.

Thank you all for celebrating my 28th birthday with me!

Breaking and Entering – Birthday Art and Story Snippet


My darling and talented friend Vi (who I’ve commissioned to draw art for this story because she’s GREAT) surprised me with a super cute birthday sketch of Asra, one of the main characters  in my short story “Breaking and Entering”.

Not only did she give me permission to share this sketch, but also an early piece that she did of Asra and Katan when getting a feel for the characters. So now, y’all can see what my presh babies look like before the story eventually goes live! Please join me in basking in Vi’s amazing art and how beautiful she’s made my babies because WOW!

Under the cut is the aforementioned art as well as a snippet from the main story.

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