Holy Birthmonth, Batman!

Okay so obviously, it’s October and that means it’s birthmonth!

I’ll be 26 on the 24th and that’s AWESOME!

As usual, if you feel like dropping money on me (but again, you absolutely don’t have to), I have an Amazon wishlist with books I want to read that’s basically the only thing I’m super into right now as I live up to life as a Lit major.

You can find my wishlist here: “Books I Want To Read

I don’t have that much planned for Birthmonth because it neatly coincides with everything I have to do being due (I’m talking three papers, the form for my thesis (sort of), multiple reviews, and 5000 words of fiction), but I’m hopeful that with the help of my dear friend Vi, my short story “Breaking and Entering” will be up and illustrated by then.

No promises of course, because life can get busy in the worst of ways, but I’m super hopeful that y’all will finally get to see the story that I’ve been working on for over a year.