The end of BIRTHMONTH is nigh

Birthday duck Delilah with the copy of Saladin Ahmed's "Throne of the Crescent Moon" that Vonn got ne
Birthday duck Delilah with the copy of Saladin Ahmed’s “Throne of the Crescent Moon” that Vonn got me

I’m twenty-five.

That’s amazing. Scary, but amazing.

I love birthdays but there’s something special about this one. It’s weird because essentially, I’m kind of stuck in life. I don’t have a job and I’m worried that my grad school goals are unobtainable. I’m not in the best place (or even the place that I wanted to be in) and I have every right to be upset about that.

But I woke up yesterday morning and I was happy. I’m talking ridiculously and obnoxiously happy. Even more-so than I usually am about birthdays. There’s something about turning twenty-five that makes me want to cling to hope and happiness. I’m trying to tell myself that I’m going to do my best with the next twelve months and make something of myself – or at least learn to drive because this is ridiculous.

And a part of that comes from the people around me. This birthday, I was reminded that I am loved. Not just because several of my friends bought me gifts or because my former coworkers took me out to lunch, but because so many people popped by my inbox with birthday wishes or left me comments telling me that they cared. It always sounds a bit overdramatic when I say that I don’t know where I’d be without my friends, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

So thank you friends on the internet and otherwise for making this birthday an extra special one. If you commented, messaged/tweeted me, or just looked at my screen name and went “Oh hey, I hope this nub’s having a good birthday”, thank you. You’re awesome!

Now – On to some specific thanks under the cut because some people really kind of knocked my socks off with how amazing they were and I need to share that.

Thank you, Araceli – You made it possible for me to buy groceries a few weekends ago (and a freaking fantastic Batgirl onesie that was on sale at Walmart which I know I don’t need because I live in Florida but whatever ). And you put up with me being a freaking dork on the phone as my sister-from-another-mister kept interrupting and that was awesome! You’re the best co-aunt in the world and I appreciate the support that you’ve given me this year. I believe that I’m richer for it.

Thank you, Vonn – Thank you so much for the books! I’m already like 10% through the kindle one and I’m just basking in the worldbuilding. Now I’ve known you for a while on tumblr and I feel as if I’ve definitely grown throughout the period. A ton of that growth definitely came from our friendship. That’s something that I’ll always keep in mind. You’ve informed a lot of how I look at comics and how I think of specific characters (aka Bruce and Harvey like DANG)! You rock!

Thanks, Justen – I’m not saying that I’ve been making weird crooning noises at The Heartbreak of Aaron Burr but well… I kind of am. The books that you got me are amazing and will definitely be a help towards my goals to a) learn all of the obscure comic book facts I can and b) cry over dead historical figures while listening to the soundtrack for Hamilton. I’m glad that we’re both overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the musical and you deserve all of the hugs and high-fives.

AaAAAH, Fleet! – Thank you so very much for Black Gotham! I’ve been petting the cover since yesterday morning. It’s so pretty and useful! You are awesome and I’m so happy that we’re friends because we’re both salty over fandom together and it’s fun. Your snark is super sharp and you have great ships. And I love that we both have the impulse buying thing going on because yay for similarities! If you ever need me to gently (or not so gently) beat someone up, I’m your Stitch!

To Shannile – Thank you so much for taking me to Trader Joe’s. Thank you so much for taking me to see Crimson Peak a second time and then letting me pick your brain about it in the car afterwards. Thank you (and Tami and Dee) for a fantastic late lunch and getting me to see the silly ducks I used to work with!

And to Kenia – Yo I’m going to hug you so hard the next time I see you because that Crimson Peak book is literally the sexiest book I own that isn’t about sex! Like it’s on. By now, you must know that I adore you and would gladly lie for you if you ever needed me to. You’re funny, full of awesome history knowledge, and you can lift me (without freaking me out)! Much love! All the love!

I already made the highest of high pitched noises at my family (who don’t read this blog and never will if I have anything to say about it), but I am thankful for everything that they’ve done for me this birthday. My dad gave me a little extra in terms of birthday money and so I can pay my phone bill and get a bus pass for another month. My mom paid for a big bill for me and got me some little things (like a new tablet case and an outfit). And my big sister and the niecelings?

They basically handed me a big Star Wars gift bag with everything from a Monster High doll I mentioned wanting like in June (omfg) to a couple of sweaters since I’ve grown out of what I own and what passes for winter in Florida is soon approaching.

What’s important for me though, isn’t the presents. Sure they’re awesome and I’m going to be obnoxious about them for at least another week, but it’s that people remembered me and wanted to buy me stuff or tell me nice things or hug me. Even my sister’s boyfriend remembered that it was my birthday like I just like that sort of thing. I’m overwhelmed by the fact that I was important enough to some people that they took time out of their schedules to wish me happy birthday, say nice things, and make me feel like I was a big deal!

One of the issues I have been having lately is a fear that I don’t matter (or that I’m not particularly important) but I have proof of that in my inbox and on my facebook page and on my phone and it is GLORIOUS!

Thank you all for helping make this birthday fantastic!


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  1. AAaaaaah, I’m so happy you had such a good birthday!! You’re such a great friend and I want all the good things to happen to you. I’d try and act all smooth but really I’m just *flail* because I’m happy you’re happy!



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