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Birthday Aftermath

Hello friends, I come to you in the aftermath of birthweekend to tell you that I have survived and that I finally finished watching Legend of Korra season three. That was my real birthday gift to myself… on top of … Continue reading

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Birthmonth 2019 – State of the Stitch

Usually, I save the SotS statements for the end of the year. But this year, I have been kind of overcome by how fucking much happened between my last birthday and this one and I kind of need to talk … Continue reading

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[Birthmonth 2019] Little Wolf, Big Red, and the Huntress – Chapters 1&2

There’s a werewolf in Granny’s kitchen and Red doesn’t know where to start asking questions. But this surprise visitor might just wind up being the best thing in Red’s life. Note: I started (hand) writing this story near the end … Continue reading

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Holy Birthmonth, Batman!

Okay so obviously, it’s October and that means it’s birthmonth! I’ll be 26 on the 24th and that’s AWESOME! As usual, if you feel like dropping money on me (but again, you absolutely don’t have to), I have an Amazon … Continue reading

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The end of BIRTHMONTH is nigh

I’m twenty-five. That’s amazing. Scary, but amazing. I love birthdays but there’s something special about this one. It’s weird because essentially, I’m kind of stuck in life. I don’t have a job and I’m worried that my grad school goals … Continue reading

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A Thousand Masks (Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne – DC Comics)

Title: A thousand masks Fandom: Batman (Comics) Pairing/Characters: Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne, Gilda Chen, Silver St. Cloud Rating: Mature/Low R Length: 7600 words Summary: After eight years abroad, Bruce Wayne comes back into Gotham just in time to celebrate the new … Continue reading

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