[Book Review] Envy of Angels: A Sin Du Jour Affair

Rating: So Freaking Highly RecommendedEnvy of Angels

I am 100% writing this short non-spoilery review while tipsy.

So it’s super honest.

So very honest.

I stress-bought Matt Wallace’s Envy of Angels last night while looking at career sites. It’s like, the thing to do you know? Buy stuff as you wail about not being able to buy stuff. And in this case, it was so breaking worth it.

Matt Wallace is amazing. We became tweeps yesterday (hella!!) and I am excited to see what else he writes. Why? Because Envy of Angels hit all of my buttons. It had amazing characters (Lena is bae and Darren’s not far off), religion but not like religion, and FOOD!

I don’t think I’ve ever read something that grossed me out at the same time that it made me want to swing through the nearest drive through for some chicken nuggets. (You’ll know why that’s just a messed up reaction to have if you read the book). I’m a sucker for good descriptive language and when it revolves around food –

I’m so in.

And I need more.

Like –

This book literally has killer clowns from hell and I can’t get enough of it. There’s present tense (my favorite tense), a freaking KNIFE FIGHT, lovely lady characters I want to squish, and a D-O-G that’s not really one. Like I almost stayed up all night to read it because everyone on my timeline was saying such nice things about it (and I wouldn’t if not for that pesky dentist appointment).

Reading it on the bus this morning though was just magical. I savored every sentence, every bit of dialogue. I really just love how well everything comes together and how the tension leaps higher and higher but there are also so many ridiculous moments where you’re just like “are you fucking serious” as you’re reading. Okay I read the sample on my kindle and was like “I’m buying you and you are my baby from now on”.

And you know what?

I mean it.

Matt Wallace’s writing is like lowkey similar to Mike Carey’s but like fun and fucked up. I think that’s important because if there’s just the messed up parts, you’re going to be super anxious about the next part (or at least I will be…). Right now, I’m just here wondering if anyone is going to build a time machine so that I can read the next book.



Kind of gross.


Envy of Angels is probably the best book I’ve ever stress-bought and I need you all to read it and feel things about it. (And for Lena to be real so that I can swoon over her and fling myself into her arms path at inopportune moments.)

Go read some excerpts from the book right now!

And then buy it!

(And then come talk to me about it because it’s so good and it’s a novella and it’s only $3 like it’s such a low price for such quality writing!)


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