007: Spectre Trailer + Reaction

I can’t stop making all of the high-pitched screaming sounds.

Not this time.

I’ve been watching the trailer for Spectre on repeat since I woke up (thank cheese for unlimited mobile data) and I am just so excited. Initial reactions to the trailer revolved around loud screaming and  flailing. This is par for the course though because when I saw Skyfall on its opening weekend with my best friend, I quietly screamed the whole time.

(Don’t even ask me how I managed to do this without offending anyone… I’m still not sure.)

Of course I was looking forward to Spectre before. I’m a Bond Girl at heart. It’s practically law that I’d have to be super excited for any Bond film that comes out. But the trailer for Spectre blew my mind. It was intense and dark, cutting to the heart of the film’s plot and revealing the conflict without spoiling the film’s plot. The trailer is so good that I can’t even bring myself to mind seeing Christoph Waltz’s smug little face in it (and I legitimately can’t stand that man’s acting).  I loved seeing Eve and Q again (~my loves~) and of course Daniel Craig and his ridiculously sexy swagger is just —


I’m not even sure when the movie’s coming out since here in the US we’re so getting it after the UK premiere during my birthmonth (and I doubt I’ll be able to attend a premiere for it in the first place) but trust me, the second we can preorder tickets for Spectre, I’ll be buying mine.

What about you guys?