Productivity Looks Good On Me

It says a lot about how unproductive I’ve been lately that this weekend’s progress has left me stunned.

Normally, when I get off of work on Friday afternoon it takes me until Friday night, maybe Saturday morning, to get into a headspace where I feel as if I can write and read everything I need to be focusing on for the weekend. Saturday morning I’m usually scrambling to turn my notes from that week’s James Bond film watch into something workable for a draft. I’m snapping at everyone and staying up super late in order to meet my deadlines or crank out another 2k words on that monster Teen Wolf fic I’ve been writing forever.

This weekend though?

It’s been great for my productivity.

I caught up on a little bit of my reading and got to fanStitch over my friend Alex’s essay about Frank Miller’s portrayals of Batman and Robin in Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder: Scholars and Creators on 75 Years of Robin, Nightwing and Batman.  Seriously, this book is fabulous and I’m so proud of everyone that contributed to make the book possible. I’m going to do a longer write up once I finish the entire book (however long that takes me) but trust me, it’s a great read and if you’re even remotely interested in scholarly works about comics and a wide variety of topics about Batman and Robin, you need to check it out.

My writing for this weekend has gone even better.  I’ve written 7,500 words in the past two days and I’m not done yet. I’ve got a few hours until I absolutely have to head to bed and I plan to get my weekend word total to 10,000 words well before then. This week’s Bond Girl draft has been written, edited, and sent to my editor while I wrote about 4200 words on my Rare-Pair Exchange story for fandom (and I’m still going!!)

I’m giddy with excitement here! I don’t have many good writing days or at least, I haven’t in a few weeks. I’m just here basking in the joy of writing so much and so many usable words at that. I still have several hours of writing left and I aim to use them well. I’m working on my long-overdue Teen Wolf commission (the final chapter seems to be endless and at this point it’s starting to freak me out) along with doing fancy author edits on the story that I sold to Fireside Fiction back in April.

I’m so excited and so very pleased with myself!