Bond Girl: For Your Eyes Only

melina crossbow

This week’s Bond Girl post focuses on the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

Here’s an excerpt:

For Your Eyes Only isn’t like that and that’s surprising. This is the twelfth Eon Productions Bond film and Roger Moore’s fifth. Like the two films before it, it pulls from different sources and doesn’t have one Fleming book as its source. Its main plot revolves around James Bond’s attempts at locating a missing missile command system while also being pulled into a messy rivalry between Greek businessmen (Julian Glover’s Aristotle Kristatos and Chaim Topol’s Milos Columbo). Our main Bond Girl for the film also has a major chunk of the plot to herself and that is amazing. Carole Bouquet’s Melina Havelock is the daughter of a Greek marine archaeologist out for revenge after her parents are murdered by one of the aforementioned Greek businessmen.

For a movie with such a slow start, For Your Eyes Only winds up being a really good movie to me. The plot is a really nice change from the former ones and I liked that aside from Bond’s dry, dark humor, that we don’t really wind up saddled down by crappy attempts at humor. The lack of genocidal egomaniacs is a nice change too, I’ll admit. I like when they mix it up and we get to go back forth from genre-smushes like Moonraker to the corruption and international espionage in this film.

For Your Eyes Only has a lot of high points for me and that’s such a good thing. Where Moonraker was actually not my thing at all (despite looking so much like and the high points were few and far between, this movie was so good and very low on low points.

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