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"Dr No trailer" by Danjaq and United Artists - Dr. No trailer. Licensed under PD-Pre1978 via Wikipedia -
“Dr No trailer” by Danjaq and United Artists – Dr. No trailer. Licensed under PD-Pre1978 via Wikipedia –

I’m not the most organized person on the planet, not even close. I’ve been having a hard time settling my posts on this blog (or even remembering to update the blog, to be honest) but I’ve got some things in the works for posts.

So for my few but awesome readers out there, there are several things that you all get to look forward to if you like James Bond and if you like my writing.

I’m so excited! I have a schedule and everything!

This week since I’m going live with my Bond Girls recap of Diamonds Are Forever over at TheMarySue, I’m ranking Sean Connery’s official appearances as the character in order from my most to least favorite movies.

At the end of July, I’ll be doing a list for Roger Moore’s Bond movies.

Timothy Dalton only has two Bond films to his name so that’s not much of a list but I’ll do something for him because Dalton is forever a fox and his Bond deserves some love.

After that, August is Pierce Brosnan’s month for lists (seriously, all of August I’ll be watching Brosnan’s Bond with nothing else even remotely on the menu).

September will be all about Daniel Craig and I’m hoping that I can record a video to go along with the list because his Bond makes me feel things. I’m never going to pass up the chance to wax poetic about Daniel Craig in video form. Hopefully, unlike my Fast and Furious commentary, there’ll be less profanity.

And October is my birth month so I’m dedicating myself to all things James Bond in preparation for both my birthday at the end of the month and SPECTRE’s release at the beginning of November (like I’m hoping that I can get tickets to a US premiere before then but I doubt that will be happening).

There’ll be a post (that’s probably not going to be in list form) about the non-Eon Production films and parodies of the series. Also look for lists cropping up about my top ten Bond villains and Bond girls around this time. I’m also going to start reading the books properly (instead of starting them and flinging them aside when I get tired of Fleming’s writing) so that’ll be another recap post that’ll hopefully go better than my attempts at reading Seduction of the Innocent and posting about it.

There’ll also be (of all the things) fan-fiction of relatively epic proportions. First is a backstory-heavy story about Naomie Harris’s Eve Moneypenny and how she wound up at MI6. This is something that I’ve been picking at since I saw Skyfall back in 2012 so I’m excited to do some serious work on it. Second is a James Bond/MCU crossover with Peggy Carter’s experiences meeting the immortal and all too infuriating MI6 operative throughout time.

And lastly in November, I’ll round out what has turned into the year of Bond for me by doing my last James Bond film recap/review on SPECTRE and do one last post about James Bond and my thoughts about the spy genre and how it’s changed over the years.

All of the things on this list kind of have to be written so they’re definite posts to look forward to. I’ll be keeping everyone posted on comic-related things I’m writing about as well as fiction but at least if you enjoy James Bond as much as I do, you’ve got a lot of content to look forward to from me.



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