Stitch Does Stuff in October

Stitch does stuff in October

September was another notably busy month, but I got a huge chunk of work done and a majority of what I wanted to write in September done and posted. Here’s hoping October will be as successful as I try to find a balance between my critical writing and just… having fun and sharing my favorite pieces of media with y’all.

It’s also my birthmonth so I’m trying to return to my tradition of giving gifts to y’all in the form of writing and a wee giveaway (but I won’t say no to gifts anyone wants to buy me off of my book wishlist!)

Now, on to what’s on the menu for October:

My Website

Stitch Reads Stuff – October TBR List

#IKnowWhatIReadLastSummer Book Reviews

  • Taste of Wrath (Sin du Jour #7) – Matt Wallace (Plus an audio send-off for my favorite series.)
  • Trail of Lightning (The Sixth World #1) – Rebecca Roanhoarse
  • Borderline (The Arcadia Project #1) – Mishell Baker

Fleeting Frustrations #2 – Miss Me With Non-Intersectional Fandom Analysis

Regular Reviews

  • Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Rafe
  • Talia Hibbert’s Untouchable
  • Craig Schaefer’s The Neon Boulevard
  • (More to be added as I read more things)

Gratuitous Birthday Story

Gratuitous Birthday Giveaway

Urban Fantasy 101: A Quick Guide to Dastardly Demons


Audience Participation: Choose Your Own Essay

Patrons at the $5 and $10 Tier get a week to choose an article they’d like to read from a list of three different options. The next week, it goes live for them. By the end of the month, all Patrons will have access to it! There’ll also be a 2-month delay between when my Patrons get it and when it goes up here. (More details will be posted on the Audience Participation intro post!)

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Here’s what you can expect from me in August

Okay so I’m going back to school near the end of the month which means that my writing time will shrink down immensely. So I’m trying to figure out ways to provide y’all with good stuff and still do well with my classes and general mental health.

First,  for general blog consumption:

  • I’m still working on the queer (coded) Joker piece (and will probably incorporate some aspects of the Suicide Squad film’s portrayal of the character if I see it) so hopefully that will be done this month.
  • The reference list for my big Batman paper so that interested followers can do their own digging.
  • A post about Black pain in the MCU (and how canon and fandom suck at dealing with it)
  • Urban Fantasy 101: Allegory Overuse
  • Letter to the Author: Matt Wallace
  • Breaking and Entering (provided that the art I commissioned is done by the end of the month)
  • Lamplickers – a little horror story set in the Caribbean (formerly Patreon Exclusive)
  • Radioplay Day – “The Creeper”
  • A Batman vs Superman themed giveaway (because I have a digital code and an amazon gift card set aside)

For Patreon peeps (and seriously, you should consider subscribing)

First of all, I’m not sure when the lesbian sirens story will happen because it’s just getting super long. I’m replacing it with something shorter and fluffier, but it’s still on the table for upcoming months. Additionally, I’m going to put a hold on both Adventures in Accidental Demon Summoning and The Consort until I get more written because I’m catching up with my backlog and it’s stressful.

But there will still be good content!

For $1+ Patrons

  • Urban Fantasy 101: Werewolf White Supremacy
  • Radioplay Day – Blue Beetle episode 1
  • The Great Big Anita Blake ReRead – Guilty Pleasures
  • An advance look at my review for “The Dream Quest of Vellit-Boe” from Tor
  • The specific “Lord, Laurell K Hamilton is bad about race” post (maybe)

For $5+ Patrons:

  • To Stand and Fight – Comet City Stories
  • Outsider – a short story about a witch from the “wrong” side of San Sirena (from the same universe as The Insomniac)

For $10+ Patrons:

  • Y’all are getting “Four Flights” a short (ish) superhero story about growing into power and responsibility with a QWOC main character and lots of punching

Additionally, there’ll be at least one audio post about fandom and a video review of something (I’m thinking Tarzan because it’s so horrible and hilarious).

I’d really appreciate any support y’all can give me because I’m working really hard and super stressed out by a lack of response. If you all can share my writing and support me when you can, that’d be awesome.

Update 12/17/2015

I just put the finishing touches on my own Grayson post’s first draft and am working on commission work for the rest of the night but I have a few things that y’all can look forward to coming up in the next week or so:

  • A Wizardverse Yule story (if you don’t know what my Wizardverse is, I’d be happy to explain and share links to the stories)
  • A wintery temptation valley story because lesbian westerns are the best kind
  • A “Year of the Spy” post with the top things I learned/had reaffirmed about the spy genre in 2015 (goes up on Patreon tonight and everywhere else on the 31st)
  • The second fandom & race essay
  • The Grayson post (currently 7000 words of snark, frustration, and cussing, this is not a scholarly post)
  • Problematic Fave – Orson Welles. Because I love him.

There’s other stuff of course, but I wrote this list on the fly while not looking at my actual to-do list so prepare to be pleasantly surprised over the next two weeks!

Pending Posts: James Bond

"Dr No trailer" by Danjaq and United Artists - Dr. No trailer. Licensed under PD-Pre1978 via Wikipedia -
“Dr No trailer” by Danjaq and United Artists – Dr. No trailer. Licensed under PD-Pre1978 via Wikipedia –

I’m not the most organized person on the planet, not even close. I’ve been having a hard time settling my posts on this blog (or even remembering to update the blog, to be honest) but I’ve got some things in the works for posts.

So for my few but awesome readers out there, there are several things that you all get to look forward to if you like James Bond and if you like my writing.

I’m so excited! I have a schedule and everything!Read More »