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Fuck Your Fake Woke

If you think someone’s doing social justice for woke points… what does that even mean? What are woke points getting us? Because talking about racism in fandom has so far mainly just made my anxiety worse… Continue reading

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Stitch Does Stuff In August

July was hecking busy and I didn’t get a ton of work done. What sucks is that August is going to be intense and busy because I’m increasing the intensity of my job hunt and the moment I get hired, … Continue reading

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The Stitch is on Patreon: Take Two

You’ve heard it here folks, I’m giving Patreon a second try! This time, I have a schedule planned out for the next twelve months and a snazzy (if silly) video that talks about who I am and what I hope to … Continue reading

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Here’s what you can expect from me in August

Okay so I’m going back to school near the end of the month which means that my writing time will shrink down immensely. So I’m trying to figure out ways to provide y’all with good stuff and still do well … Continue reading

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Supervillains (Not-So) Anonymous – Patreon Reward

For my darling Patrons ($5 and up) , this first short story for the month is about a (sort of) reformed supervillain who attends her first Supervillains Anonymous meeting and winds up getting in between a heavy hitter and a … Continue reading

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News for Patrons!

I keep forgetting to update patrons (and people who might want to become patrons) about what’s going on on the my Patreon page. So here’s what’s gone on recently and what you can expect in the future! Currently: If you’re … Continue reading

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Patreon – Past, Present, and Future

Hello folks! It’s January 1st and 2016 is stretching in front of us, full of possibilities and endless hope. I know that I’m excited to see what the year brings me. Right now, I’m rethinking what I put out for … Continue reading

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December’s Patreon Plans Are Up!

If you’re supporting me on Patreon (at any level) and want to keep up with what I have planned for December, I have the list up for what’s heading your way along with some news on my upcoming SECRET project. December … Continue reading

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You can now support Stitch’s Media Mix on Patreon!

If you’ve ever wanted to support me as a writer but wasn’t sure where to begin, look no further than at my newly created Patreon page.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Patreon, it kind of serves as … Continue reading

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