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If you’ve ever wanted to support me as a writer but wasn’t sure where to begin, look no further than at my newly created Patreon page.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Patreon, it kind of serves as a way to “tip” creators that you like and kind of support them as they work on creating the content that you love to read.

Prior to writing for my blog Stitch’s Media Mix and Word of the Nerd, I wrote for The Mary Sue.

I had a weekly column on James Bond and a lot of super cool people really enjoyed my comments on representation in the film franchise’s long history. (Seriously, I was getting comments from really amazing authors and other cool people from different industries who all really liked what I brought to the table in terms of pop culture analysis.) I’m also technically a published author with a flash fiction piece in Fireside Fiction’s August 3rd issue.

So, why should you support me on Patreon?

Because you like what I’m writing and you want more. Because you see potential in me as a writer. Because my snarky looks at fandom and media interest you or crack you up. Because you want early access to stories and articles that I write and the chance to give feedback before anyone else does.

If you’re supporting me on Patreon, it’s because you want to see more of me.

Either you’ve been following me on various social media and/or writing sites for a while or you’re new to my blog but like what you’ve seen so far. Either way, it’d mean a lot to me.

Right now, much of what I write is done for free. I do it because I love it, but many of the places that I post my work aren’t exactly paying venues /opportunities just yet.  Which is… not the best for my bank account, you understand.

Supporting me on Patreon supports new content from me on my main blog.  Right now, I’m working on several  projects that require a ton of research materials and time. First, is my main project that looks at fandom and race and the community’s failings in that regard as well as the ways that we can do better and do more. I’m also working on a similar project titled Urban Fantasy 101 that focuses on issues within the genre and offers tips to fix them, conversations on turning tropes on their heads, and recs to good books that go against the genre’s conventions.

I’m also planning on writing about superheroes. I mean, I’m always writing about superheroes, but I want to look at heroes and villains and how they’re perceived and how they influence us. I have a few essays in progress on comic book history that are on hold for a special (and SECRET) project and some introspective pieces on hard topics like mental illness and trauma in comics that I’m working on as well.

I’m also writing short stories. My goal is to get enough fantasy stories written and collected to self-publish a collection of them on Amazon. I have several written already and have a list of stories that I’m tackling every chance that I get. (You can read examples of my work here!)

If you support me on Patreon, I’ll give early access to stories and articles (there are tiers for that). At the highest level you’ll also get the opportunity to suggest topics for voting and there will be other perks and rewards as time goes on. There’s a lot that’s planned and having a bit of a cushion so that I can explore these avenues would be lovely.

Thank you so much for reading this and please, if you can’t spare any financial support, sharing is definitely caring!


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  1. […] Progress with Patreon is going… slowly, but one supporter is better than no supporters. However, I literally only started this venture this week. I may know my worth and all that jazz, but most people have no idea what I’m doing or what I’m bringing to the table. Despite the fact that I honestly thought I had a built in audience/fanbase on tumblr due to the followers on my main and fiction blogs, I maybe underestimated how much people liked me and liked reading my stuff there. […]


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