Birthday Aftermath

Hello friends, I come to you in the aftermath of birthweekend to tell you that I have survived and that I finally finished watching Legend of Korra season three. That was my real birthday gift to myself… on top of all of the other birthday gifts I got for myself because 2021 has been rough.

So here’s quick run down of what birthday looked like:

First, I got up at 11PM on Saturday to prepare for a BTS concert that was going to be streaming that afternoon in Korea. Soundcheck was at like 2 AM and the concert was at 5-something, so I had to make sure I was cute and wide awake for the darn thing.

Then I think I hyped up Birthday Omegaverse again (please read it if you’re over eighteen and into that stuff… it’s so ridiculous and I love it so much)

The concert was great. I’m… considering a quick sip podcast episode about it the way I did the other two concerts they did last October. But it was great and my bias Namjoon was very sweaty which I chose to take as a birthday gift for myself.

I finally got to post the super cute art Bib did for me for my birthday! They also did my icons on Twitter so I’m just basking in the Bib love and next year I’ll save up to get more of their cute ass art!

Then my fake spouse – we bonded on the college bus between campuses a decade ago over Aquaman – sent me booze from Total Wine lol

I’m working (so slowly) on replying to everyone because I’m lightly hungover but I had a great birthday and I will be choosing my MADK winner today and looking at how I can… give away more copies before the end of the year. I really want y’all to read this thrilling book and get invested with me –

Or… I’ll do the Futekiya membership for Winter Holiday Season since that might have more of an appeal to people because you don’t have to be into horror for that, just Boys Love!

Anyway, thank you all for supporting me and caring about me! I had a pretty great birthday and I spent it doing what I love and with people I love (BTS Nieceling is still here!).


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