[Webtoon Wednesday] For Better or For Worse

Title: For Better or For Worse

Author/Story: Noh Hueda

Artist: Eunren

Rating: Teen

Genre: Villainess, Transmigration/Isekai, Rom-Com, Drama, Fantasy

Hosted On: Tapas (EN), Kakao (KR)

Official Link(s): English, Korean

Official Summary:

The spunky Lady Dillion didn’t realize she was the villain of a romance novel until she encounters Marquess Cedric. Seeing him jogs a dormant memory of the novel’s plot, in which her beloved younger sister dies in childbirth after marrying Cedric. Determined to prevent this, Dillion marries him herself, but what fate awaits her when she knows he’s meant to fall in love with the real female lead later? In this marriage of convenience, it seems nothing turns out quite how either of them expects…

My Thoughts:

One of the things that I love the most about the villainess transmigration genre is the way that characters come to own their space in the new world.

In this webtoon, the main character Dillon doesn’t realize that she is a villainess until the male lead of the original novel shows up and she is reminded of the original story. From that point on, she decides that she’s going to the misfortunes that happen to her teenaged younger sister culminating in her death as a result of Cedric’s appearance in her life. And as Dillon moves through this new life, starting with the fact that she demands that this man marry her, she reshapes the world for the better. Her knowledge of the original story is helpful, of course it is, but more importantly her personality and drive are what shape this new story and Cedric’s evolution as a man and main character.

The awakening is one of the best moments in transmigration webtoons. The moment where the transmigrator realizes the world is not what they think and that they have a choice to make about what their role will be in it from then on. It’s extremely satisfying in For Better or For Worse because, I’d say, there are two awakenings here: Dillon’s and Cedric’s. Dillon’s of course is the awakening of the transmigrator into their new world and readjusting their sense of self, reconciling her past and present lives. But Cedric’s is an awakening into his own humanity and emotions. He blooms in the relationship and even though he doesn’t understand why Dillon makes his heart go BA-DUM, he experiences an awakening of his own as he comes to love her.

It’s just so beautiful. And that is a strong reason for me to recommend this webtoon. Everything about this is just so dang lovely. The evolving relationship, Dillon’s love of her sweet little sister, the art. The art in particular is out of this world. Dillon is a character that people constantly insist Isn’t As Hot as “someone like Cedric” deserves and they’re all dead ass wrong for it. Dillon is gorgeous. The art, the rendering, is so luxurious. I love looking at Dillon and it infuriates me that I cannot transmigrate into this series just to kiss her cheeks and brush her hair. Like it’s just pleasing to watch Dillon and Cedric dance around each other in this series. Gosh!

We’re a hundred chapters in and I suspect we’re getting close to the end of the current season considering that Dillon is searching for the original protagonist now, but I don’t want to take a break. I want to reread this series again – this would be my second time rereading it in fully, mind you – because it does so much of what I want in a webtoon and the art is gorgeous.  


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