Tyler Posey always wanted to return to Beacon Hills. 

For most actors, when their show finishes, that’s the end. Their character will live on in fan fiction and tweets whenever new fans come to the series or old ones get nostalgic, but for the most part, the characters don’t get to shine again until a reboot is announced in the distant future. That’s not the case with Posey, who played the titular teen wolf for 100 episodes on the MTV show that still has a devoted following years after it ended. Posey counts himself among these fans. He always wanted to come home.

Tyler Posey, Like His Teen Wolf Character, Is All Grown Up and Taking on the World

I adore Tyler Posey. Always have, possibly always will.

When my editor Claire was like “is there anything specifically you know you want to do with Teen Vogue this year” in our regular January meeting (third in a row counting our intro!!), Tyler Posey was one of five people I pitched for interview purposes.

I interviewed Tyler Posey while sitting on the floor of Miami International Airport on my way up to do a different work trip and it was such an amazing experience. Tyler is such a sweetheart and talking with him reminded me of the good times on Tumblr talking to fellow fans. I’m really excited to have had the opportunity to speak with him. Like I cannot express enough how much of a dream come through this all was.

Putting together this feature was incredible and I’m grateful for the insight and sensitivity Tyler showed as we talked. He’s just such a cool dude!

Here’s hoping I get the chance to talk to him again soon!


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