[Webtoon Wednesday] Peach Sorbet

Title:  Peach Sorbet

Author/Artist: Zang-gu

Rating: Adult (Damn near pornographic)

Genre: Contemporary, Rom-com, Drama

Hosted On: Lezhin

Official Link(s): English, Korean

Official Summary:

Moa’s in a pinch. Her friends are asking about her nonexistent sex life, but she’d rather die than admit that she’s a virgin. In a hurry, she makes up a haphazard lie: yeah, she’s had sex before. With a really hot imaginary guy called Yura! Not only is he ripped, well-hung, but he also…happens to be very, very real. When faced with the real Yura, there’s only one thought in Moa’s mind. She needs to make her lie become a truth!

My Thoughts:

I love a good erotic romcom and Peach Sorbet delivers sweet and sexy storytelling with a dramatic edge that I did not expect. Moa, the pink haired main character, is a college student who makes up a guy she’s fucked… only for it to be a guy that goes to their college. Yura, a sporty himbo with a ginormous package, is more than down to fuck. He’s willing to let Moa’s lie become reality. After all, she’s hot… it’s not much of a sacrifice.

After they bang, they’re expecting to part ways. Yura, because he’s a bit of a fuckboy and wasn’t expecting a lot, and Moa, because she’s been burning a torch for her former tutor, Yujin. However, Moa’s creep ass landlord tries to get at her and Yura saves the day while pretending to be her boyfriend. With no place to go, Moa accepts help from Yujin only to find out that, le gasp, he’s Yura’s older brother. A love vee between a girl and two hot brothers? Sign me up!

Most of Peach Sorbet so far revolves around Yura and Moa having sex every possible place they can… and the emotional backlash that happens when you catch feelings for your fuckbuddy. I think it’s a really cute and sexy story that’s heavy on the safe sex – seriously, I actually appreciate the way that Yura always whips out a condom. I read a lot of erotic webtoons – yes, there’s Please Kill My Husband on TappyToon, but beyond that I love a lot of Lezhin lewdness like Lady Elisha’s Erotica and Bitter Sweetheart – but this is probably (so far) my favorite series.

It’s the combination of its elements. Moa is a cute and eager female lead, Yujin is tortured about his developing desire, and Yura has more layers than you’d expect considering he really gives off strong mindless hot boy vibes. The sex scenes – and sex fantasies – are vividly rendered and highly erotic! It’s just… such a good series for fun and sexy times!

Also, I’ve been holding this in from the second I started reading this but Yujin, has some serious Shoto Todoroki energy. It’s… it’s a lot. At the point where I’m at in the webtoon, he has only started to realize he may have erotic/sexual feelings for Moa but that’s partially because he has relationship trauma slowly being unspooled in the secondary story in this webtoon. I actively want Yura and Moa to be endgame… but I don’t mind Yujin dealing with his trauma in a responsible and sexy way with her…

If you like erotic romcoms, give Peach Sorbet a try!

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