A Brief Tribute To My Dad

I liked to tell people that my dad was a month older than Batman. This is both true – Batman’s first appearance was in Detective Comics Number 27 in May 1939, a month after his birth – and relevant – one of my earliest and most formative memories of my dad was of watching reruns of the 1960s batman series with him after he got me from school. This help set me on a path to where I’ve interviewed multiple DC Comics actors and creators, and did my thesis on a core Batman character.

I bring up this Batman connection because it speaks to how blessed I have been. My dad made room for me to exist as myself. My dad always made time for me. We watched TV together, talked politics and baseball together, and of course got into cowboys.

Everything I am, that I love, and that I create can be traced back to my time with my dad. His support was endless. while his loss has me feeling a little lost on my own, I’m prepared to continue living a life he would be proud of. Rest well Daddy, you did a good job.

Signal boosting an emergency fundraiser

A very dear friend of the family – she’s my mom’s best friend and her daughter and I grew up together – is trying to raise funds so that get to New York by the sixth of June in order to attend the funeral of her sister, who recently passed away.

I know money’s tight all over, but if donations aren’t a possibility (and even if they are), can y’all share this so that she can see her sister off?



Stitch Went to the U.S. Virgin Islands

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As y’all may have noticed by the very lengthy threads about fandom racism I keep making on my twitter, I’m back in Florida.

I had a lovely time visiting my father and once hurricane season is over, I’m going to go back and visit him (or get him to come up here once airports are open and whatnot). I loved being in my childhood bedroom and getting to bask in a sense of community that I still don’t really have in Florida. Those of you who grew up in/have lived in small towns know how it is: everyone knows your business and your face.

It can be stifling if you’re there all the time, but when you come home to visit? It’s just delightful to realize how many people know you, love you, and miss you. I’m a pretty likeable person and I’m So Good at making friends, but there’s something about coming home and having your people literally embrace you with giddy joy when they see you walking down the street that’s just… something else.

As much fun as I had with my darling dad and being reminded that I’m just beloved by so many people, there was a serious purpose to me going back home too: I wanted to see what the island looked like eight months after Irma and Maria.Read More »

A Quick Update

If you know me from tumblr (the same username as my website), that’s on an indefinite hiatus for the foreseeable future.

For various reasons (including someone (some people?) running a smear campaign against me and reblogging my stuff with vicious untruths for at least two straight days), I’ve decided that I currently don’t want to spend time on the platform and that my time needs to be spent working rather than reblogging.

The harassment is a portion of it, but not the entirety. It was just the final straw.

From here on on, I’m only going to be active on Twitter when it comes to social media. I’ll continue to write content on fandom and media racism, of course, but tumblr is no longer in the equation on any level. You can also always reach me on here or via my contact form page on my website.

On top of that, I’m going to be inaccessible for much of the next week. Tomorrow afternoon I’m flying down to help my elderly father with some things and seeing as he’s almost eighty, he doesn’t have internet. Unless I can get to someplace with internet (possibly the Kmart at the mall of it’s still up), I won’t be online.

Barring any awfulness, I’ll be back in Florida by the following Thursday with a notebook full of ideas and a much calmer sense of being.

This trip to see my dad was last minute and his idea since he needs help and wants me to hang out with him and my brother (who’s also visiting), but after the past few days I am glad for the break and the chance to have the cord cut between me and the internet so I can destress.

I’ll have my laptop and notebooks with me as well as my headset so I’m going to carve out some time to write as often as I can so I can come back to y’all with new content (not all of it Patreon-first)!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!


Birthmonth 2014

I’m always incredibly obnoxious when it comes to my birthday.

I’m the baby of the family and my parents’ only child in their marriage (they had other children and other marriages) so I was pretty spoiled as a kid. To be fair, I’m still pretty spoiled when it comes to birthdays.

In my adulthood, I’ve done more and more to celebrate, stretching it out until I went from celebrating my birthday to my birthweek to a whole birthmonth thing where I’m even more inwardly focused than usual. I think it started with the week of my 21st birthday when I still lived on campus and I spent over a week thoroughly taking advantage of what being 21 in the US means. I thought that since it was my birthday, that I shouldn’t have to be constrained to only celebrating a day or a week.


If I’m going to celebrate anything, let it be for the whole month.
Read More »

Selfie Love

This is a post about selfies, self love, self loathing, and how I learned to see myself for who I was. Like me, this topic is a work in progress and I plan to return to it as time passes.   I have never thought of myself as pretty. Or conventionally attractive. In my mind’s […]