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Meme-Ing for a Reason #10: Blocked For Not Being Nice To Racists

No one is more surprised than I am that I’ve been able to get to ten memes in this series. While I’m genuinely hilarious and my meme game is on point, there are only so many memes in the world … Continue reading

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[Guest Post] Perspectives on Ruth Doctor

Elizabeth A. Allen and Jonah Akos got together recently to geek out about one of their favorite additions to Doctor Who: Ruth Clayton, a.k.a. the Fugitive Doctor. Played by Jo Martin, “Ruth Doctor” became the first Black Doctor in the … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Tone Policing and (A Lack of) Reading Comprehension In Conversations About Racism In Fandom

It is exhausting – truly training – to constantly and purposefully be read and misrepresented as cruel, abusive, aggressive, and mean-spirited simply for talking about racism in multiple fandoms and how racist harassment, white silence, and weaponized POC Too-ness or white womanhood directly hurts me. Continue reading

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Stitch @ Teen Vogue: “iCarly” Fan Misogynoir is Part of a Larger Fandom Pattern

Mosley isn’t the first to be harassed because people in a given fandom assumed she was replacing a white actress (Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder on Batwoman) or because she was playing a racebent version of a “historically white” character (Anna … Continue reading

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Link Lineup – May 2021

Somehow this is both short (only like 5 links this month) and very long (because I had a lot to say about them), but I will return for a BTS + Butter focused one before the end of the month … Continue reading

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[Guest Post] Alison the Beloved (Part Two)

In this part of my essay, I dig into fan characterizations of Alison, using the AO3 corpus as a representative sample. An examination of SotS fan content on AO3 reveals that Alison may be the Doctor’s beloved in SotS, but she’s largely unloved in fandom. Continue reading

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Stitch @ Teen Vogue: What “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Teaches Us About Fandom Misogynoir

Fandom has always been primed to believe the worst of Black women – be they characters, fans, or even the performers themselves. Continue reading

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A Thought Exercise On Antiblack Microaggressions In Fandom, I Suppose

I just want to talk about how people purposefully misrepresent my work/tweets and assign meanings to it that are actually entirely absent. Because I need to walk through the weirdness to see if I can make it make sense to … Continue reading

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Stitch @ Teen Vogue: Meghan Markle’s Critics Are Using Internet Troll Tactics to Perpetuate Misogynoir

Watching the British press, public, and the royal family go after her from the moment that she and Harry announced their relationship has been horrible. It is also unsurprising because this is the reality for Black women (and queer femmes who don’t ID as women). Continue reading

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[Guest Post] Alison the Beloved (Part One)

The Black companions in the rebooted iteration of Doctor Who have it rough, especially the women.  Think of Martha, who suffers Simm Master’s mockery and his enforced servitude of her family in Season 3’s Sound of Drums. Think of Bill, … Continue reading

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What Fandom Racism Looks Like: “You’re Silencing Meeeee (Feat. Determined Derailers)”

It’s a recurring theme that I am somehow silencing other BIPOC fans by… having and using my own website, twitter account, and the rare external platforms I’ve been offered across the past six years. Continue reading

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Black People in Fandom: Cassandras in Action

Black fans and Black culture writers who specialize in complex fandom and media circles have been talking about all of these different dustups and racefails for years –

But no one listens. Continue reading

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Thread Collection: Like With Meghan, Coded Antiblackness Comes (1/11/2020)

A lot of people dismiss the racism aimed at Meghan because it’s not overt (to nonblack people). Continue reading

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Link Lineup – December

Winding down 2020 with a HEFTY list of links to stuff that I found interesting between November’s second collection and now! Enjoy! Continue reading

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Music Video Anatomy #4 – NUNU NANA

Last installment, we dove into BTS’ debut single “No More Dream“! Title: 눈누난나 (NUNU NANA) Artist: Jessi Setting: The main recognizable settings for “Nunu Nana” are a restaurant kitchen doing double duty as a gambling den, what looks like a … Continue reading

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