Birthday Aftermath

Hello friends, I come to you in the aftermath of birthweekend to tell you that I have survived and that I finally finished watching Legend of Korra season three. That was my real birthday gift to myself… on top of all of the other birthday gifts I got for myself because 2021 has been rough.

So here’s quick run down of what birthday looked like:

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Birthmonth 2021 Begins

September was super busy and I’m really satisfied with everything I’ve done. Once again, half of it can’t be revealed yet because it’s stuff I did for upcoming work, but the other half of it has been… pretty great content dropped on my website and Patreon.

The biggest thing that happened in September was that I attended Fiyah Magazine’s Fiyahcon 2021 – and had a great time attending and speaking on panels. I also… won The 2021 Ignyte Critics Award?? 

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