Birthmonth 2021 Begins

September was super busy and I’m really satisfied with everything I’ve done. Once again, half of it can’t be revealed yet because it’s stuff I did for upcoming work, but the other half of it has been… pretty great content dropped on my website and Patreon.

The biggest thing that happened in September was that I attended Fiyah Magazine’s Fiyahcon 2021 – and had a great time attending and speaking on panels. I also… won The 2021 Ignyte Critics Award?? 

You can check out the video of the award itself over on Instagram 

I also did a video and write up covering the past 18+ months of doing media and cultural criticism  (through fandom, mostly) has been like and why I was so surprised that I won in the first place. 

I just want to express gratitude again to everyone who reads my site, listens to my podcast (and podcast appearances) and who takes time to watch my YouTube videos. I’m writing, and podcasting, and constantly educating myself… For you guys. My goal in doing all of this is so that I can let other fans of color* know that they’re not alone. That they’re not imagining the absolutely ridiculous racism in supposedly fandom spaces. 

(*and some white allies, true, but they’re not my priority in reality) 

I’m extremely grateful to everyone who’s supported me over the years and who recognized the value of my work – and how much goes into doing it. Thank you for supporting me in large and small ways and for making it clear how much my work has impacted you. I’ll continue to do my best to continue to provide quality content as I make my own way through these different fandoms. 

Thank you.

Now, with the soggy stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the other stuff I did in September because I promise it was all pretty darn cool. 

For Patreon, I did a bunch of content to make up for the drought that was August. Highlights include the original story “Angelfall”, an audio addendum to the “ACAB Includes Fancops” Piece, and this mini-essay about racebending Louis in the upcoming series

For my website, I finally got out the next episode of my podcast, another one featuring my dear friend Jeanne! I poked at the idea that I was more responsible for why other people in fandom apparently “can’t talk about racism” than like… actual racists they’re friends with in fandom. Oh, and I definitely finally asked where the OTW and AO3 are with all that anti racism we were kinda promised a year ago. (Unsurprisingly, they haven’t gotten anywhere with that.)

And for Teen Vogue and my Fan Service column, I tackled what fans can (and should) do when their favorites mess up… and then made our general example a little less so by talking specifically about Nicki Minaj, Barbz, and how celebrities can play a role in mobilizing stan twitter in their defense/towards their goals.

What will October bring? 

One big thing is that I’m moving my fiction to its own website. Slowly. I’m probably not reposting things on the main site since it’s fine where it’s at and I refuse to do work, but I’ll be posting new content (like Birthday Omegaverse), WIPs that have been languishing in the drafts for years, the stuff on Dreamwidth, and content I took off of AO3 because I was dissatisfied with my content at the time.

You can check that out at

Then, Piscataway Public Library is doing a series of events about fandom! On October 18th at 7PM EST, I’ll be on a panel talking about women in fandom with a bunch of very cool folks! I’m looking forward to speaking about my experiences as a nonbinary femme and with the other panelists about their own experiences!

After that, I’ll be at Fan Studies Network’s North American conference (virtual) on a roundtable about Reactionary Digital Politics (date/time coming when I… go through my emails). I’ll also be one of the speakers on the plenary for the conference, one focused on the realities of fandom (and) research ethics. That’ll be on October 24th 9AM CT. 

I also got to speak with Anya and Alan of Hallowed Ground Media on one of my favorite manga series ever: Matsuri Akino’s Tokyo Pet Shop of Horrors. That episode just went live as I put this post together!

I’ve got great content planned for Patreon and my website! On top of that, there’ll be another Jeanne feature on my podcast later on in the month as we get spooky, a giveaway (at least one) of scary and/or Boys Love content for the 18+ set, and the third year in a row of me anxiously livetweeting Eli Roth’s History of Horror! (I’ll be doing the last two things on my public twitter @stitchmediamix with the first episode of Eli Roth’s History Of Horror dropping at 10PM tonight!) 

There’ll also be some form of BTS content considering like… there’s always gotta be some kind of BTS content since I’m super passionate about the group (and… they are doing a streaming concert at ass o’clock on the 24th so I will be recording some kind of content for that!). Also Show Me The Money season 10 starts at some point in October and so I will be making a point of being very annoying about that. 

Oh and of course, Fan Service will return over at Teen Vogue with very relevant and interesting topics that I’m sure will be a delight to read!! I can’t wait for y’all to see the fruits of my very hard work in September with these pieces!!

If you want to get in contact about a potential guest post – if you missed it, September had some good ones! – message me on the contact form! If you want me to write something for you (interested editors, hello), please nudge me through the contact form. My inbox is super busy and sometimes the contact form does eat messages, so it’s okay to message me to check to see if I got your message! I won’t be mad!

On the subject of birthmonth:

A)  Please go look at this super cute art I commissioned from kapebeansies a little while ago

B) If you want to toss some money my way for birthday shenanigans like food I don’t have to cook myself and maybe some soju, you can hit me with some cash over at ko-fi

C) i’m not posting my wishlist more publicly than my locked Twitter account but if you want my amazon wishlist that’s full of stationary and stuff, reach out to me via the contact form or email please!

D) my birthday is at the end of the month – i’m a spooky scorpio – but i will be celebrating from well… right now actually

E) definitely probably taking a few days off at the end of the month to just do whatever I want without guilt

I’m very excited to do a bunch of cool stuff in October! I hope you’ll all come along for my journey! 


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