Meems Watches K-Dramas

I asked my wee niece Meems to fill y’all in on what she’s been watching and rewatching across 2020 (since I’ve just been bouncing between Love O2O and Romance is a Bonus Book) and the baby came through! Here are five dramas that my smallest nieceling has been circling across the year and some of the reasons why she liked them!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Main Actors: Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young

Available on: Viki

Summary:  Park Seo Joon plays an arrogant boss to Park Min Young. One day she tells him that she’s going to resign, after that he tries everything he can to make her stay.

What I Like About It: There is a lot of character development, you can see how some of the characters grow as people. This show does have some dark scenes, but it’s mostly light-hearted and funny moments. The romantic scenes were adorable and the OST was really nice as well.

Graceful Family

Main Actors: Im Soo Hyang, Lee Jang Woo

Available on: Viki

Summary:  Im Soo Hyang’s character was sent to New York after her mother was killed. Now she’s back in Korea to solve the mystery of who murdered her mother. While in Korea she meets a smart lawyer who’s willing to help her.

What I Like About It: There are lots of plot twists and it has an interesting storyline. The characters do make you mad throughout the show, but in the end everyone gets what they deserve. I was also very entertained by all the petty fights Im Soo Hyang got in throughout the show.


Main Actors: Jung Nara, Lee Sang Yoon

Available on: Viki

Summary:  Jung Nara’s character receives a suspicious text message and learns about her husband’s affair. She then goes on a mission to learn more, and try to end it.

What I Like About It: This drama really brought out many emotions for me. The main group of characters go through a lot, but they end up okay. The mistress in the show was very bold, but Jung Nara handled it extremely well and put her in her place several times.  I also like that the show didn’t focus too much on one character’s issues and there was never too much happening at once.

Hotel Del Luna

Main Actors: Lee Ji Eun (IU) , Yeo Jin Goo

Available on: Viki

Summary:  Yeo Jin Goo is an ordinary hotel manager, one day Lee Ji Eun visits him. She gives him the ability to see ghosts and forces him to work with her, at Hotel Del Luna.

What I Like About It: The character Lee Ji Eun plays is greedy, selfish,and mean. However you can see her become softer after she spends a lot of time with Yeo Jin Goo. I love how they revealed her backstory slowly throughout multiple episodes, it made me very curious. I’m also fond of the way they introduced the connection between the main characters, instead of showing it on a random episode they lead with it.

I Wanna Hear Your Song

Main Actors: Kim Se Jeong, Yeon Woo Jin

Available on: Viki

Summary:  Kim Se Jeong’s character lost her memories in a car accident. She doesn’t remember anything about the three months surrounding the accident, until she becomes acquainted with her new neighbor.

What I Like About It: This show is a murder mystery, and when it comes to that part of it it’s very exciting. I suspected a lot of characters when I watched it. When you finally get to piece the entire story together it’s very satisfying and you realize that the writers were dropping hints all along. I also enjoyed the more light-hearted mystery of the gossip as well.