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Meems Watches K-Dramas

Here are five dramas that my smallest nieceling has been circling across the year and some of the reasons why she liked them! Continue reading

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#StitchProcesses Blackface

The only problem with that is that blackface is not a form of cultural appropriation. It is minstrelsy and horrifically antiblack on top of that, but it’s not appropriation. They’re not appropriating anything, they’re insulting it. Continue reading

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Romance Is A Bonus Book: Roughly Retrospective

Every time I rewatch Romance is a Bonus Book, I’m overwhelmed by how much fierce fondness I feel for the leads. Continue reading

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[Video] So They Think They’re Talking Black

There’s an error in this video that I did actually catch before it posted… I wanted to open with that because it’s honestly hilarious. I copied the original introduction for this video – which I had originally drafted and recorded … Continue reading

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