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Who made this series?

While the first official piece of Weiss Kreuz media was the 1997 light novel “Weiß: Forever White”, the most well-known piece of media for the franchise is the 1998 anime series Weiss Kreuz. That initial and poorly animated series came from studio ufotable and was directed by Hitoyuki Matsui, produced by Jikenta Nishikawa an Hikaru Kondō, and was written in-house at ufotable.

What’s this series about?

Weiss Kreuz is about these four assassins who work for an organization called Kritiker. Each of the members of the organization the assassin quartet has a tragic and traumatic back story , that fuels their desire to hunt and kill dark beasts that are assigned to them by Kritiker . Across the series these young men that come into contact with different assassin teams and become increasingly aware of the overarching evil organization asset that is responsible for driving the majority of the violence across the series from bad guys such as Schwartz . It’s kind of quintessentially 90s in its execution and plot because it blends to really wildly different fic tropes like… the flower boys working in a literal flower shop and the assassins trying to get revenge for their loved ones.

It’s not a good show, but it is entertaining.

If you could recommend this series to any fictional character, celebrity or historical figure, who would you choose?

If I could recommend the series to anyone, I would actually recommend it to everyone. I really love Weiss Kreuz as a show. I watched it as a child first living in South Florida through fansubs , and it’s always stuck with me as this super overdramatic anime series that earned its cult following .

List three of your favorite things about the series.

  1. Legendary voice actor Shin-ichiro Miki voices Yohji Kudo
  2. All of Schwarz
  3. Aya’s single-minded determination to kill every single Takatori out there

List three of your least favorite things about the series.

  1. The animation for the first series
  2. The ending of the second series (Gluhen)
  3. The fact that the sequel manga series Side B not only wasn’t ever translated to English, but the scanlators from years ago skipped the middle 2 volumes so I’ll never get to read them

What’s your favorite moment in the series?

I’m gonna be real: the first time you see how long Aya’s hair is in Gluhen.

What’s your least favorite moment in the series (if you have one)?

I hate the last minutes of Weiss Kreuz: Gluhen.

Hate them.

In case you’re planning on watching the series, stop here but uh…








After everything, Aya is in New York wandering around the city when a whole ass child stabs him in the gut and, it’s asasumed, that he is killed. Of course, Side B fixes that but not only do I not have access to that now… I didn’t have it like 15 years ago when I bought the damn DVD and had to watch my beloved Aya, who had survived SO MUCH SHIT in Gluhen, get stabbed by a tween and die.

That was some fucking bullshit.

Who are your favorite characters in the/ series?

It’s so easy , my favorite characters in Weiss Kreuz are the ongoing bad guys who reappear in the sequel series : Schwarz.

Schwarz is a group of genetically modified humans who work opposite Weiss and directly underneath the Takatori responsible for Aya’s parents being murdered and his sister being kept in a coma for two years. You have Schuldig, a very powerful telepath with a grating personality.  Then you have Brad Crawford, who is the leader of the group and goes by Oracle. He pretty much set the standard for anime villains for me at a very young age . I love him . Up next is Farfarello who is basically the group’s berserker who has a huge hate-on for God. And finally, the baby, Nagi Naoe who is a telekinetic with a ton of power inside a tiny body.

Oh shit and Chloe from Side B. I know next to nothing about him except that he’s a smoking hot blond German who’s close with Aya and like… I am WEAK.

Who are your least favorite characters in the series?

All of the Takatoris except Mamoru.

They’re literally the worst and most annoying villains ever.

Let’s talk about series’ romantic ships, both canon and fanon:

Do you have an OTP across the series? What do you like about them?

I remain a massive multishipper and this… might’ve been the series that started me on my multishipper path. I basically ship Schwarz and Weiss together in various combination and right now I do main Crawford/Schuldig, I also ship Aya/Crawford, Yohji/Aya, and a bunch of other stuff.

I just really like enemies to lovers romance and it still works even if you ship just Weiss or just Schwarz because the members of each group clearly did not like or trust each other when they got started!

If you have a NoTP in the series, why do you dislike them?

No NoTPs here actually! The fandom is actually pretty cool about making most ships palatable and they hated the characters I did (TAKATORI) so it wasn’t like the Harry potter fandom, for example, where I had to dodge wild ass shit all the time because folks shipped EVERYTHING.

What is your favorite friendship in the series?

Mmm… the Weiss friendship development is Really Good.

Are there any characters that you just wish were friends?

I don’t think any ships in this series are actually canon?

Maybe Nagi and Tot but like… it’s fine.

Any potential book datefriends/squishes/queer platonic peeps in this series?


But especially Schuldig

Wildly, when I was a teenaged weeb, I may have imprinted on Crawford for what I wanted my villains to act like but Schuldig was who I wanted to be aesthetically.

If you could tell the creator one thing about the series, what would you say?

Can we please get a reboot?

Or Side B translated to English?

Can I just get the rights to the series so I can write queer ass assassins in your universe?


Do you have fanwork recommendations to share for this series?

Oh do I…

One clear warning for the first three stories that aren’t covered by overt warnings is that no one ever makes it clear if Nagi is over 18 and so while my brain has always been like great about aging characters up… that might not actually be what’s on the page. So read responsibly and heed the tags on the AO3 stuff).

Glass Houses by Viridian5

After Aya’s sister dies, Schwarz tries to save themselves and Aya from the mistakes of the Dramatic CDs and Glühen Schwarz tries to save him from himself–for their own reasons, of course–and neither they nor Weiß are ever the same again.

Girl by Maya Tawi (mayatawi), Viridian5

Aya’s changing.

Nekojita’s The Shadows arc

A fantasy AU, introducing the world of bounds, the most frightening of them being the kage.

(Content warnings: relatively graphic violence, sexual violence, enslavement, at one point Edward Elric shows up and is shipped with Roy and I can’t remember if he’s over 18 so uh… yes.)

Fortune Favors the Foolish by Isabeau_Gower While Aya has settled in well to life in England with KR’s Side B, Ken’s relationship with one member, Chloe, has been like oil and water. What began as a mere lack of common interests, however, has blossomed into friction that is bleeding over into missions and that’s a problem. When things boil to a violent head, Aya, with a little help from Free, tries to smooth things over between the pair. Will they come to a meeting of the minds or will they come to blows? It will take more than luck to get these two


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