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[Stitch Likes Stuff] Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

If you’ve seen me gush over Lezhin’s Painter of the Night, you’ll remember that I actually love webcomics. And as you all know, I fucking love DC Comics… especially the Batfamily. This latest comic – by artist StarBite and writer … Continue reading

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[Stitch Talks Ish]Stitch Talks Ish… About Manga

This was originally posted on Patreon 6/27/2021 Show Notes Apple Podcasts BuzzSprout Bite Maker: The King’s Omega MADK  Jealousy  Coyote  Birds of Shangri-La  Painter of the Night  Transcript 0:00:01.8 : Welcome to a bonus episode of stitch talks ish… A … Continue reading

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What Stitch Listened To In 2020

When I’m working on Day Job, writing the next thing that’ll make nerds frothy mad at me (because I’m right), or even now as I rewatch Love O2O for the millionth time, I’ve always got music playing somewhere. Continue reading

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Series Squee: Weiss Kreuz

Images in the header are from an archived version of lelola.net, a site that fueled my journey as a teenaged weeb. Who made this series? While the first official piece of Weiss Kreuz media was the 1997 light novel “Weiß: … Continue reading

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A Little Queer-Lady Rec List

This rec list highlights some of my favorite reads for stories focusing on a queer female main character. Continue reading

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Stitch Media Mix’s 20 Most Popular Posts

In case you’re new here or have no idea where to actually start with my posts, here are 20 of my most popular posts from 2015 until (now in order from most popular on down). Continue reading

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Stitch Recs Spoopy Stuff

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a list of ten of my favorite spoopy things that y’all should consider checking out. If you need specific content warnings for anything, send me a message here or on Twitter! Note: most of … Continue reading

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Stitch’s Queerwolf Rec List

Here’s a list of some awesome media that focuses on queer werewolves, my favorite supernatural being. All of these pieces of media have at least one queer werewolf on screen/on the page as main or secondary characters. Many of these … Continue reading

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For a Howling Good Time, Try Moonlighters!

They’re monster helpers, not monster hunters. Continue reading

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When Amazon gift cards attack

A few weeks ago I won a $25 gift card through a program I’m running on my computer. It’s a little thing and not a big deal. I completely forgot about it though until yesterday afternoon when I got mail and there was my gift card.

$25 can buy a lot of books so it’s no wonder that I have spent the past 24 hours trying to figure out what books I was going to buy. Finally, I settled on four books that came up to $27 (including like tax and stuff). I’m a little over my gift card’s limit but essentially I’m getting four awesome books on someone else’s dime (and supporting authors I LOVE in the process!)

Here’s what I got with my hard earned gift card because these are all amazing books that everyone should read: Continue reading

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