Series Squee: Weiss Kreuz

Images in the header are from an archived version of, a site that fueled my journey as a teenaged weeb.

Who made this series?

While the first official piece of Weiss Kreuz media was the 1997 light novel “Weiß: Forever White”, the most well-known piece of media for the franchise is the 1998 anime series Weiss Kreuz. That initial and poorly animated series came from studio ufotable and was directed by Hitoyuki Matsui, produced by Jikenta Nishikawa an Hikaru Kondō, and was written in-house at ufotable.

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Problematic Fave: Gravitation

Gravitation was one of my early queer “firsts” and it falls into the same vein as many of the pieces of media I worshiped as a baby queer. Like Queer as Folk and Interview with the Vampire, Gravitation was an incredibly problematic piece of media that, on some level, shaped how I viewed queerness. (Which kind of explains a lot of my earlier understanding of what it meant to be queer…)

Watching Gravitation now is… a little bit painful.

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Today In “Things I Knew I Never Needed”: HP Lovecraft in an Anime

I was minding my business, looking at Funimation’s website to find out what upcoming anime series I can watch a single episode of and then never finish when I clicked on their link for folks to “Meet The New Faces Of Bungo Stray Dogs, Season 2” and saw none other than …

Howard Philips “So Racist I Named My Cat A Racial Slur and So Bad At Writing That I Only Achieved Serious Fame Posthumously and Had To Eat Beans” Lovecraft.

He — or a character representing him in some wildly inaccurate capacity in the context of this weird show I only watched two episodes of — is a new face in Bungo Stray Dogs’ second season and I am AMUSED.

Homeboy’s out here looking like a rather cadaverous bishonen.

I hate Lovecraft like I’ve hated few others (and one day will travel back in time to beat his pasty ass) but… I almost want to watch this series to see how ridiculous this is going to be.

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