Some tough truths for you…

Originally, this was a tweet thread I did last night.

You’re not going to convince me that any white person who is super hostile at the mere idea that fandom is racist by default and design (especially the folks who just love to tone police fans of color and call us mean/bullies for being done with racism in fandom) is an ally or that they will be any actual help in the horrifying future we’re heading towards.

No one who frames fans of color talking about racism in fandom as bullies, ideological purists, haters, cops, antis, etc actually cares about people of color (outside of their sometimes treasured tokens).

People who think that harassing people because they talk about racism in fandom will NOT be using their privilege or visibility to fight racism online or offline.

In fact, here’s what actually will happen: they will continue to perform activism (sharing GoFundMes for queer people of color) and play at anti racism for clout and so they won’t get run off the internet… Even as they continue to harass fans of color, drop white supremacist dogwhistles, and be buddy buddy with active and shameless racists in and out of fandom.

They won’t be allies.

I’m so serious.

Someone like that one weirdo who doesn’t read my work because she thinks I hate white people (“whiteness as a born sin” douche from start of August) isn’t going to suddenly have my back or the back of any Black person who isn’t a bootlicker of white supremacy. She’s not going to be out there risking her life to prove that ours matter too…

She’s not an ally.

Neither are folks who harass and slander Black people in fandom for expressing an opinion or critical thought about racism in their fandom spaces, talking about cultural appropriation from an East Asian artist, or shipping fanbases’ wild antiblackness, or or or… just exist (because that’s all we really have to do).

Like the folks on Fail Fandom Anon shitting on me and other fans of color who talk about racism aren’t allies. They’re racist cowards who don’t want to catch smoke, so they largely keep their vile bile to anonymous platforms or fandom twitter accounts.

The folks who are racist in fandom are racist offline.

Understand that.

They also aren’t actually preparing to defend people of color from racists in and out of fandom. (Unless it involves claiming a white person talking about racism is actually a White Savior and is therefore racist to token people of color in a fandom who excel at bending the knee.)

Are you kidding me?

Like I know, I know…

They’ve donated to BLM at the national level (ignoring that doing it at a local level or donating to mutual aid funds helps real people on the ground). They’ve read White Fragility… ‘s blurb on Amazon. They totally want to fuck a Black celeb or character! They have a single friend of color… but can’t tell you anything about them as a person with politics and uses them to dodge conversations about racism/as a convenient flail to swing at a Black person talking about racism in fandom.

They wouldn’t have or have done any of those things if they didn’t totally love Black people and weren’t racist, right?


That’s not allyship (not even bad allyship).

How can it be when you consider the other shit they’re doing to the Black people in their fandoms and probably to the few Black people in their lives…

They’re not actual allies.

They’re ally cosplayers in fandom and they will not help ANYONE.

For five years on here (over eight in total) I’ve been publicly and privately documenting and talking about increasing racism in transformative fandom spaces. I have seen thousands of nice white people in fandom do some racist ass shit, much of it incredibly anti-black.

These people are not my allies and they are not yours.

They are racists in yet another internet space that makes it very possible to be racist without any consequences and will actually cheerfully heap consequences to the people affected before anything else.

These folks in fandom who get so mad about conversations about racism in fandom all while having BLM plastered on their social media profiles are comfortable where they are in the status quo, and they will not change that.

But they will fake it for clout.

We’re talking about people who go into a full rage & fear riot at the idea that a person of color might think they or something that they like might get accused of racism.

Does anyone really think that these fragile racists in fandom a) actually do anything offline to fight racism in their communities (when they won’t even call out racism in “their” fandoms), or B) will be useful in upcoming crises once the dudes with guns get the all clear to go wild?

I certainly don’t.