September Plans

September is all about placeholders, catching up, and hurricane prep.

It’s peak hurricane season from here until the end of October (November usually doesn’t have hurricanes like that but I’m prepared to be wrong) so there is a huge chance that I will be preoccupied with dealing with storms as the month crawls on.

So, I can’t promise any content beyond what I didn’t get to do in August for Patreon (because for once I did most of the stuff for my site) because I’m still trying to hustle and take care of my family since things are tough BUT I will do my best!


  • What Fandom Racism Looks Like: Fandom Wank
  • Short and Sharp: I Am Tired Of Fragile Fucks In Fandom
  • Urban Fantasy 101: True Detectives (a primer)
  • Series Squee: Petshop of Horrors
  • #StitchProcesses Project – Either “Aching For Authenticity” or “Video Vixens, Mommae, and Male Rappers’ Misogyny” [Because I did the piece on blackface instead.]
  • Stitch Talks Ish Episode 8 – Another BTS Episode – No longer a bonus because it’s going to be a full episode and LONG as heck probabaly


  • We’ll try the livestreaming thing again! I did one at the start of the month and no one showed up and then the last one was… this weekend and considering how broken up I still am about Chadwick Boseman’s death, none of y’all needed to see me cry like a baby on a livestream. So we’ll try again for the middle of the month!
  • WIP Post ($1+ Tiers) – Urban Fantasy 101: Sexual Assault in the Genre Part 2 (yes after… like 4 years)
  • Audio backlog ($1+ Tiers) – Grayson Anti fandom post from 2015/2016 & What Fandom Racism Looks Like: The Cult(ure) of Nice
  • Photo (+) Essay ($1+ Tiers) – A Glut of Bad Apologies For Antiblackness
  • Finished Draft ($3+ Tiers) – Urban Fantasy 101: Mad Mage Problems or the next installment of my The Hollows
  • Not Exclusive Audio ($3+ Tiers) – Werewolf Wish List
  • Exclusive Audio ($5+ Tiers) – The Year Without A Marvel Film
  • Poetry ($5+ Tiers) – [unecided]
  • Hire The Stitch ($10 Tier) – Like it says on the label!

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  1. Humanitarian Misanthrope says:

    Good luck with everything.


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