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In case you didn’t know (possibly because you’re not on the US’ East Coast or because you’re not in the US at all), September (the peak month for the Atlantic Hurricane season) started with Hurricane Dorian inching its way up across the Bahamas towards Florida.

While Florida has yet to feel anything resembling its full force, the Bahamas have been devastated due to the storm landing and then stalling as a Category 5 and then 4 for about two days. The images of destruction from the high winds and storm surge that I’ve seen so far are horrifying and the island nation will be recovering from this storm for years to come. (And note that this is just the start of peak season. There are other hurricanes just waiting to form and the Bahamas generally gets some level of storms as the season progresses.)

If you’re looking for a way to help the Bahamas, National Association of the Bahamas is collecting donations. This article from Local 10 in Miami has a list of local donation drives and other places collecting financial and physical donations and I’m sure there are other official sources that’ll come up once the Bahamian government is able to see exactly what it needs.

If you can donate to help the Bahamas, please do.

Now on to the less serious stuff: September will be shaped by what storms we get and how much work I can get done before the storms start forming in seriousness after September 10th. So, while my goal is to stick as closely to my schedule and get content out when they’re supposed to be out, hurricane season is not on my side.

My survey about what y’all want to see from me in the future is still in progress if you haven’t done it. One thing that’s leapt out at me so far is how much folks would appreciate scheduled content so they can know roughly when what’s going up. So I’m trying to schedule the hell out of everything and I’ve got a calendar set up in Google with all the dates!

So, here’s what’s coming up in September (with rough dates subject to change based on the weather/my workload) on my website and on Patreon. There’s more stuff especially for my website next week, they just aren’t scheduled yet):

4 – Hux as Fandom Ghost (Patreon/$1 Tier) & Intro thread (Twitter)

5 – Urban Fantasy 101: Witches & Wizards (Patreon/$3 Tier)

6 – Carnival Row First Look (Website) & WFRLL: Pick Me POC snippet (Patreon/$1 Tier)

7 – BookNetFest (so far, this is still on for me!)

9 – WFRLL: Real Racism snippet (Patreon/$1 Tier)

10 – WFRLL: Black Sound (Not For) Black Fans snippet (Patreon/$1 Tier) & end of Audience Participation Sept 2019 Poll

13 – WFRLL: Authenticity snippet (Patreon/$1 Tier)

15 – WFRLL: Real Racism draft (Patreon/$3 Tier)

17 – Racebending Right (Website)

18 – A Seductive Revenge Read/Review/Response (Website) & Worldbuilding Wednesday: Operating Under Oppression (Patreon/$5 Tier)

20 – PCA 2019 presentation on misogynoir video (Patreon/$3 Tier)

21 – Talking Tropes: Alpha/Beta/Omega (Patreon/$5 Tier)

22 – WFRLL: Pick Me POC draft (Patreon/$3 Tier)

23 – Audiopost #1 (Patreon/$3 Tier)

24 – Aging in Fandom: An Essay (Website)

26 – Personal Responsibility in Fandom (Website)

27 – WFRLL: Foregrounding draft (Patreon/$3 Tier)

28 – WFRLL: Adopting AAVE  – part of the K-pop series (Website/Youtube)

29 – UF 101: Witches and Wizards (Website) & Video Log (Patreon)

30 – Audiopost #2 (Patreon/$5 Tier)

My goal is to put out a consistent spread of content across the month. I’ve set it up so that the stuff I do early in the month informs the stuff that goes out at the end of the month! I think this could work!

In the moment, I’ve got this month’s Audience Participation poll open with three topics for voting and the Ask an English MA post with the rules for asking me anything. I’ll be opening last month’s Audience Participation content to all Patrons ASAP!

I know that this seems very heavily oriented towards Patreon and that’s true. It’s mainly because I’m trying to build my audience there and feeling my way towards success there and so I need to get all of that content organized from the jump.

At the same time, I always wind up posting stuff on my site that come out of nowhere (like my Fleeting Frustrations posts or my threads I take from twitter and rewrite into posts) so there’ll always be content there!

This month won’t have a public text post for the What Fandom Racism Looks Like essay series on antiblackness in the K-pop industry and its (primarily but not exclusively) international fandom spaces. However, it will have a video and Patreon content related to the project. Once again, I find myself wanting to focus on everything but the foregrounding but I won’t let myself get into that trap and allow myself to slide again.

Don’t worry!

What I’m Into In September:

Books: Queen of the Conquered, Hanguk Hip Hop, Wolf Rain

Music: IU (like anything by her, wow), BTS’s entire discography

Shows: Graceful Family, Hip Hop King (sans subtitles though), Love O2O again, Carole & Tuesday, BTS’s Bring the Soul docuseries

Movies: John Wick 3 and maybe Hustlers

Food: endless salmon

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For now, I’d like to thank y’all for your continued support!


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PS: The University Press of Mississippi has a SALE until the 13th of September! One of the books I picked up was Chong Chon-Smith’s East Meets Black: Asian and Black Masculinities in the Post-Civil Rights Era