Hurricane-Related Hiatus (ETA: 9/3)

ETA: I legitimately have NO idea what this hurricane is doing or when it’s doing it. Right now it’s off the Florida coast pummeling the Bahamas and it’s supposed to go north at some point today. Who the hell knows. But for the time being, I guess I’m on hiatus from my hurricane hiatus?


If you’re in the US and you’re watching the news, you’re probably already aware that Florida is about to get spanked by Hurricane Dorian. As I type this (Friday morning), Dorian is currently out there in the Atlantic slowly building steam for a Tuesday morning landfall as a Category 4 storm. Minimum. (It will most likely be a Cat 5 when it lands considering how slow it’s going and how warm the waters are out there and in that case, fuck.)

My mom and I will be going to the nearest hurricane shelter to our apartment. My sister and the niecelings will hopefully be right there with us. We have water,  food, and flashlights as well as multiple battery banks. I’ll be turning on my secondary cell phone so I have twice the ability to communicate. 

I don’t know how hard this storm will hit. Like I said, it’s currently planned to be a Cat 4 at minimum. There’s nothing out there to break the storm up so it’s not likely to be weaker until maybe Thursday once it’s broken up by crossing over Florida. It literally can only get stronger.

I don’t know what our apartments will look like or how long it’ll take us to get back to normal here. We may be without power for a while and even if our immediate area isn’t too damaged – unlikely because of the projected path – the world around us will be messed up. 

If you’re on twitter, I’ll try to update everyone via @stichomancery and text-to-twitter updates. 

(Don’t worry if I go silent for a bit after Sunday/Monday night. During Irma, which was… smaller when it hit us, I lost service pretty often.)

I’ll do my best to update everyone across my various platforms once my family and friends are safe after the storm. Local friends/followers: message me on twitter/here if you want to keep in contact via phone and I’ll give you my number in case we need to coordinate stuff after the storm.


I’m writing this post to let y’all know where I’m at and that we’re preparing for the worst down here. I won’t be updating my site or Patreon until after the storm to let y’all know the damage report and that/if I’m okay.  Consider my site and Patreon on hiatus until September 8th at the very least.

Thank you for your support.

I’ll see y’all on the other side!

PS: I’ll probably be canceling my Book Net Fest appearance – as I’m sure many of the local book community members will – because the storm isn’t going to leave the area before Thursday at the moment so traveling north on Saturday is really unlikely considering the amount of damage a major hurricane will do.


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